Waves license error after updating Cubase (No valid Waves licenses found)

12.0.30 was mostly working ok here (apart from an unresolved weird problem losing all my audio port names when I change Audio Interface latency, which still isn’t fixed in 12.0.40 Cubase renaming System Port Names for input ports on audio Interface sample rate change).

But this evening I updated to 12.0.40, and now Cubase takes 5 mins to launch, stalling on scanning my Waves plugins which have ALWAYS worked perfectly up to now.

But now Cubase says it can’t find my Waves licenses, which are plainly there to see in Waves Central. Hitting “Rescan Licenses” as suggested by Cubase does nothing, and after a short while that dialog just pops up again.

I’ve also reported this to Waves support, and await their response too.

@SledDriver your screenshot of waves licences shows they are in the cloud. They need to be on a connected device to work like a USB stick or your Hard drive.

So what your showing us with Waves Central is that you have a problem with Waves not with Cubase.

You need to active those licence to a device. Did you put them back in the cloud ?

Also note that hardware changes will mess up your waves licences as well like changing a network card etc.

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Aha. Thanks so much for that. I moved the licenses back and not it is not moaning about missing licenses.

I got my missing Waves plugs sorted, but I have to say, Waves Central is one of the most unhelpful, confusing apps I’ve ever seen.

I’ve split this into its own topic since it’s not necessarily about the Cubase 12.0.40 update. Some users might find this information useful.

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Ah yes. Sorry about that - I went off on a tangent :slight_smile:

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Your right about Waves Central. It is confusing and if you upgrade to the latest version it will automatically put all licences back in the cloud. Then you have to activate again. It has some things that are unusual.

Glad you got it all sorted out.

They have some outstanding plugs, but overall it’s difficult to ‘trust’ a company which has about 45 different compressor products. Just laughable. Pure marketting strategy to extract money. As Dave Pensado once said, if you take more than 5 seconds deciding which reverb you are going to use on a track, you have too many reverbs. :grinning:

Their ludicrous, user hostile download and activation system, coupled with the completely nonconventional way they choose to use plug files with completely unhelpful file names is yet one more reason I will advise anyone I can not to buy their products.

Why can’t everyone just be like FabFilter and many other companies who make this stuff much easier?

And tutorial videos should never use the phrase “Just do this”, as is the case in the Waves ‘how to install your old sh*t’ video. If I knew what to ‘just do’ I wouldn’t need a bl**dy tutorial video to start with.

Ah well…

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