What new features are realistically expected in Cubase Pro 12?

I want Lua instead.

I’m Already working on an off-line scripting language to write/edit the PLE hex, macros and even generic remote. Anyone want to help reverse engineer the PLE Hex?

I mean, as soon as C12 drops. who knows, maybe they will give us Lua in lieu of PLEs or in addition to.

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To force lazy 3rd party developers to get back on the planet.

And for forum salt. :grinning:


Midi Modulators can be done effectively in other ways though. Bitwig should have added audio comping before Midi Modulators.

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I actually scrolled up to see what “Kurwa Mac” had said… Then realised they didn’t exist as a user… Then went to google…

Then I understood this post! haha :slight_smile:


That would be very nice if all developers whose plugins I use could be forced to do so.
Unfortunately, that will probably not be the case. For the big corporations like NI with a stable full of good programmers, that’s no problem.
But Steinberg already announced at the beginning of 2019 that support for VST2 would soon be discontinued.
There is a (partially) interesting discussion about this here: Steinberg dropping ALL support for VST2 - Gearspace.com


No, please … this little rounding fx makes the gui readable, for me. Parts are logical separated. A space between two “flatten” parts didn’t solve this … mess, sry. Like Studio One which is flatten, the gui is a mess for orientating., same to Live.

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You can import M4A files via the Spectralayers edition that’s included in the latest Cubase [Pro].

Interesting… how?

Thanks, nice, but almost everybody send to me demo songs recorded on phone so I would like to have it simple - drag from mailbox directly to track. Its waste of time.

Easy: Just open up the Spectralayers app, select “File Open” from the menu, load the M4A file you want to import, and then select "Export Audio of Project " from the File menu and save it as, say, a WAV file. You can then import that WAV file into Cubase.

Sure, it’s a few extra clicks (on the order of a few seconds), but it works. I agree though that it would be nice to have this natively integrated directly into Cubase!

Hm… I guess it’s true, but this is not at all the same as importing a file.

It’s the equivalent of using any of the multitude of other free programs that are able to convert the file. Some of which require fewer moves to do the thing.

I’ll also add “Multiple Track Freeze” to be realistically expected.

That one is highly requested, number one at the forum vote ranking if you sum the 3 most voted threads for MTF. It can save the user some good time to spend on something else.

And the good thing is that this feature should be easy-peasy to implement - Freeze already exist, it’s basically just about putting several freezes in a loop, done.


Yeah, it’s a bit cumbersome for sure. I wouldn’t be too surprised if M4A import will be natively included in Cubase 12 - Steinberg already seems to have any licensing/patent issues sorted out since they’re including a M4A converter in SpectraLayers One (and including SpectraLayers One in Cubase), so it’s “just” a matter of prioritization and engineering to get this properly integrated into Cubase’s import functionality.

Currently, my desired feature is video export settings.
Somehow, even though I’m importing videos recorded with the same codec (screengrabs), sometimes exported video has different colours. Not inverted, changed (I’m no colour expert to tell what kind of change it is).
Also, I would prefer to export videos with smaller sizes. I’m doing them just for demo purposes, I don’t need the highest settings for that.


I would love to see improvements to Export window.
There are things that are just weird there.
Like when you want to export your session using Cycle Markers.
The window is so small that contains only 3 lines and no “check/tick all” and you end up scrolling endlessly and ticking all the stuff you want to export.

Here are 20+ more improvements for the Audio Export window:
Vote for your most important audio export missing features

I especially would like to see “Export a mixdown for selected tracks or folder” added. Very useful and simple to implement, a no-brainer really. Realistically expected.

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You can resize the window (entire export window + cycle markers window top - vertically).
To select all cycle markers: click the first one, then shift+click the last one.
I would like to have a “check/tick all” option but I couldn’t use it anyway because if there’s audio with time-stretch applied, every cycle marker after the first one, renders with glitches. It’s a real joy because I’m using cycle markers and time-stretching every day in almost every project :wink:


I love you for that. I knew I can resize the window but I didn’t know I can stretch the Cycle Markers bit.
Thank You :slight_smile:

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