Where can I find DDP player to provide it to the customer

Hi, I am using Wavelab 9.5.20 Pro on OSX and am wondering where can I find Windows verson of DDP Player to provide it to my customer who is PC/Windows user. I searched all over Steinberg Website and haven’t found separate Windows installer so I could forward it to my customer together with DDP.

I would be really thankful for your help.

There is no separate installer. For more info see:

Thank you for your answer. I checked the thread you posted, but still don’t know where to find the installer? Or is it not available yet for Windows?

Hi Stingray. That thread ended with someone looking for the latest DDP player Update installer, which there is no separate installer. The standalone Windows DDP Player installer is still only available in the original Windows Wavelab 9.5 full installer, in the Additional Content folder, which a Mac user should be able to get from their My Steinberg account (I think), but extracting it from the Windows full installer by the Mac user to send to their client would probably be a challenge, if it’s possible at all.

Not sure when this will be made easier.

The standalone Windows DDP Player installer can search for updates when installing, but last time I checked it’s not finding the latest update.

Or maybe you’re right, and maybe I’m wrong about this, and a Mac user can’t even get the original full Windows 9.5 installer at all on a Mac. uggh. sorry.

Jantex, sorry for my sidetracks. If you have access to a Windows computer you can download the Wavelab 9.5 Windows Full Installer using the Download Assistant.


After downloading the Wavelab 9.5 Full installer, start the install, and it should create folders next to the installer. One of the subfolders should be called Additional Content and in there should be the standalone Windows DDP Player installer file that you can send to the client.

It shouldn’t be this hard, but at this point it still is.

To be more precise, what I sould have said is that there is no dedicated separate DDP player installer available on the Steinberg website.

Yes, you can find it in the full wavelab installer in the additional content folder but I’m not sure what elements of that folder you’d need in order to ensure a separate standalone installation. You’d probably need to test it as a standalone installation before sending it to a client. And yeah, it shouldn’t be this hard.

Thanks Stingray. You were pretty much right the first time too from a practical standpoint !

One other note, one can also download the Wavelab Windows full installer using the Download Assistant on Mac I believe, but I have no idea how you would extract the DDP Player installer from the Windows installer after download on a Mac, if it’s possible at all. Maybe PG would know.

I’m still confused by how Steinberg expects WaveLab users to reliably distribute the DDP Player to their clients.

Keep in mind that some projects need to be sent to and approved by more than one person so it’s not enough to send just a Mac or PC version, it needs to be easy to send out both versions.

I guess this is why I still stick with HOFA DDP Player Maker. It already works well and there is no confusion or issues. Transparent operation all around.

It looks like they’ve added both the Mac and Win DDP Player installer to the Wavelab Pro 9.5 Full Windows Version that’s available from the Download Assistant, so I can only assume they did the same with the Wavelab Pro 9.5 Full Mac Version there. Who knew? Anyway you should be able to get both Player installers (Win and Mac) by downloading the Full Mac Version with the Download Assistant.

But I would say you should know the Windows Player (and maybe the Mac Player) still has some issues. For the Windows player, there’s a distortion issue with the default 48KHz playback in Windows Sound Control Panel, so the user should be told to change that to 44.1KHz (playback/properties/advanced). Also the Windows player installer only finds 1.0.10 as the latest update during the install, not 1.0.20 as it should be, which I think fixed some of the “skip to next track” playback issues.

But if you’re ok with those things, you should be able to get the Win Player installer in the Mac 9.5 Full Version “additional content” folder I would think.

I don’t quite understand why Steinberg doesn’t just post these in a logical place to make it easier, because as it is anybody can get them.

That’s one thing about the third party Sonoris product … it generates a warning that is impossible to miss if your soundcard is set to anything other than 44.1 for playback.

Hofa does the same thing now too. But they really should work on the issue that the player should cleanly reproduce a sweep with the default Windows 48KHz setting from the 44.1KHz 16 bit DDP. Like I said before, iTunes and Foobar can do it absolutely cleanly from 44.1KHz 16 bit WAV, the DDP players should be able to do it as well. There will be plenty of times the user isn’t going to mess with the defaults. It’s not even very easy to find that setting in Windows.

Thank you all for your help, I donwloaded PC version and found the installers there.

Steinberg should really stremline this, they could put download links on their website, so you could just send the links to the customers and they would download and install the version they required. It makes no sense protecting and limiting access to the simple DDP player to the Wavelab Pro users only… in the end of the day for us (mastering engineers) it brings no benefit to have it, since we can preview our DDPs in Wavelab. But it would really make it easier for us to communicate with customers, when it could be easily and transparently downloadable.

Apart from that I like the player, because it is very straightforward and easy to use.

PG, do you know when the Windows (and Mac?) Player installer will be fixed so that it can find the latest update 1.0.20 when the client installs it? It seems like Steinberg could fix it now if it’s only on the Steinberg server side, but I have no idea. As it is, the client can only install with the update 1.0.10, that’s the only update the installer finds, which I think has the added playback blips between tracks on some DDPs.

Jantex, besides the Windows default 48k playback distortion issue, the client should also be told to install with updates, because there’s an install option not to.


They could supply the DDP player as a separate standalone installation. This way the whole issue would be simplified.

But there may be some kind of marketing issue at play here which prevents them from doing something like this.

Thank you, yes I noticed it. Provided installer to the customer and while listening he immediately commented that my DDP was all distorted. Damn, I checked it and it was ok at my side. I don’t know how is with Steinberg beta testers, but their initial releases are getting really really bad. Adding features which don’t work as expected.

I personally think the DDP Player wasn’t quite ready for public release, and still isn’t.

Surely you have to start somewhere but I think it’s a long way off from replacing something as stable and affordable as the HOFA DDP Player Maker app, or the HOFA DDP Player for single license use. In it’s current state, it’s not even really better than nothing because it seems to be more trouble than value. By this I mean you trust it to be OK and then problems come up and take up more of your time, or raise trust issues with your clients when there is a DDP Player induced issue.

The GUI of the Steinberg DDP Player is actually pretty nice, but the functionality seems to need serious help.

The Hofa player isn’t perfect with Windows 48KHz playback (try a signal sweep), but it’s way better than the Steinberg, which is pretty awful (just try a 10KHz tone). But you can use ASIO with the Hofa, which is fine for playback. Or switch Windows to 44.1KHz playback for the Steinberg (if you can find the setting !!).

But I still don’t understand why the DDP Players can’t do this correctly with the Windows 48KHz. Is it file type? A Windows program interface problem that’s never going to get fixed (and even if it is, what about the Windows 7 users)? It works fine with 44.1 16bit WAV files in iTunes and Foobar2000 through the Windows 48KHz playback.

Maybe the Sonoris DDP player is ok with the Win 48KHz playback, I don’t really know.