Will Steinbeg pre-announce Cubase 9?

Cubit was NOT a cut down version. If you’re thinking of Cubeat, that name didn’t last long. Cubit was the intended name for Cubase right up to the time of its release.

Read this.

According to Dave Nicholson of Steinberg in the thread:
"Cubase was indeed called Cubit in during the development stages, right up to beta version 0.808.

"The name change was necessary because there was a database software provider with an existing product with the name Cubit, and we didn’t want to risk a costly name-change action after the release.

Cubit, as a name was consciously chosen because of its meaning of ‘from the nose to the end of the (king’s) stretched out fingers’ to indicate the eye/mouse/computer relationship - literally what you touch is what you move.

Cubase was quickly selected as a replacement name, even though some people said it now sounds like a database program. We know, and knew then, that the french were less than happy with the name - If you want to know why - ask a native speaker of french."