Why is Steinberg / Yamaha ignoring scrolling issue in Cubase 12 on Mac. It’s a disaster

Scrolling works perfectly on windows in cubase. Scrolling works perfect in other apps on Mac.
Only cubase has issues with everything when is controlled by scroll wheel:
eq moves,
and any parameter if controlled by scroll wheel.

This issue has been in cubase on Mac since version 10 or so, and Yamaha / Steinberg have don’t nothing about it.


What kind of issue, please?

Haven’t noticed any scrolling issues on Macbook Pro with Cubase 12.

Are you using built-in track pad or Apple mouse ?

using the trackpad

Are you referring to the issue whereby you move the scroll wheel/trackpad scroll and volume or EQ values can accidentally be changed? i.e.:
Disable mouse fader movement in the mix console

Works fine here also with built-in trackpad, but trackpad makes my wrist and palm hurt so I tried multiple non-Apple mice ( apple’s Magic Mouse is giving me carpal tunnel feeling ) and all of them don’t behave well in cubase. But woke absolutely fine in macOS finder and other apps

No that’s different issue.
maybe I’ll make a video on this issue that I’m having. Seems like I’m not explaining it well enough


Again… What is the issue, please?

the issue is when I move the mouse scroll wheel very slowly to control any parameter in cubase the parameter is being moved very small amount,
when I move the scroll mouse wheel at moderate speed controlling the parameter in cubase jumps huge amount.
For example, moving EQ gain:
at slow mouse scroll the gain is being changed by around .2 db,
at moderate scroll speed the gain is being changed by around 6 db.

@Martin.Jirsak you can also search the forum and see that issue has been reported here by other users before since cubase version 10.
here are some of those threads:


Are you aware of the Shift + scroll, which sets the fine movement, please?

Yes, I often use it as a workaround for this issue.
But that’s not a solution or fix, it’s just a workaround.

And still, in this shift + scroll mode if you move the scroll wheel a bit too fast the data gets changed in big increment.
Also, it doesn’t work for channel volume.

So why is steinberg ignoring this issue for so long ?

Scrolling is also a dumpster fire on Windows, dude. It’s just more legacy code they are probably scared of touching for fear of breaking 10 other things, if I had to guess. Way too much old dinosaur code in Cubase that needs to be surgically removed.

It’s 2023. People are used to buttery smooth graphically accelerated scrolling. Come on, Steiny.

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I tried various mouse and scroll speed and acceleration settings apps, all other apps and DAWs ( chrome, Studio ONE, Logic ) are affected by the settings accordingly. Except Cubase 12 and 13.
Looks like Cubase is coded incorrectly somehow that it ignores mouse scroll settings.
This issue is only on a MacOS.
It works fine one Windows 10 and 11.