Why isn't there a Nuage Section?

We’ve got Nuendo & Cubase and all the others. But I THOUGHT there would be a Nuage section by now. I, for one, would like to see more information on how owners are doing with the new platform.

Aloha K,

Not only here (and perhaps I missed them/it)
but other than a lil ‘talk’ @ KVR I could not find any
viable Nuage forums anywhere on the innertoobs.

I even checked the Yamaha site.

Sleepy now. I’ll check gearslutz tomorrow.

This is really strange. It’s their new FLAG SHIP! We’re supposed to aspire to this rigg, right? How is there soooo little discussion about it after all of this time?

Nuage are perfect maybe and the owners don’t need any discussion ;o)

I don’t think Steinberg would want all us common folk to interact with the Nuagers.
Think of the possibilities…

Maybe there are not enough users to warrant a forum.


I’m an Audio Engineering teacher at G Martell College of Music and Audio in Mexico City where we have a NUAGE system and it is AWESOME. We just had a certification exam and if all goes well we will be the first certified training center for NUAGE. We’re still waiting for the exam results. :slight_smile:

That is great, who administered the exam?
It seems like Yamaha/Steinberg missed another marketing opportunity. I would be interested to know more about it.

So would I! Even if there’s no formal forum section for Nuage users, they could post info on all of the places where it’s being used, session notes highlights, SOMETHING! Since Fredo is the only one here that I know of who purchased one, I’d hoped he would’ve kept us up to date on how things were going with it in his studio. But, so far, nothing!

Listen up SB, there are a lot of us out here who are really interested in any, every and ALL aspects of what’s going on with our platform! Please keep us in the loop!

Well, things are going like they have been going in the past.
With the only difference that everything has become easier and faster in the Nuage Room.
If there is something you want to know about the Nuage, just ask.


Aloha F,

Just those few words are a major comfort because we are
talking big $$$ here.



i’m actually integrating a control surface in my setup, and i have some problems with the macro engine.

The issue is described in this post :


I would be grateful to know if this problem is present as well with the Nuage surface, or if it is limited to the midi remote subsystem. Trying with Eucon as well would be interesting.

Could someone try the macro i described from a Nuage and / or Eucon control surface and report the results ? If the issue is confirmed as well with Nuage and Eucon, then it will indicate that it is a deep problem in the macro engine code, and it will be fixed faster.


Well, I am wrapping my first film mix on our new Nuage and I agree with Fredo, easier and faster on the Nuage, even compared to the Euphonix MC Pro. Feel free to ask questions, I’ll do my best to answer. john.

You mention MC Pro…

I like the dedicated, Nuendo related buttons on Nuage, but I’m concerned about the user assignable section.
I don’t see any self-labeling LCD buttons (like on MC PRO), so what helps you remember the assignment?
Physically labeling the master section doesn’t seem very elegant.

Physically labeling the master section doesn’t seem very elegant.

Agreed, especially since you can have more than one assignment on a button. I thought I would miss the self labeling buttons but muscle memory is working just fine, hasn’t taken long at all to just know what buttons do what and, if you think about it, how often (after learning them) do you really read button labels? John.

It depends, I found myself not using the programmable buttons on MCTransport until I labeled them with a DYMO tape. Then it became effortless.

OLED Pushbuttons would be better than Dymo tape at this price level. Yamaha, Perhaps for Nuage mkII ?

And another option from the Nuage master manual :

The labels from the square buttons can easily be
replaced. These replacements can be made by cutting a
transparent or semi-transparent sheet into 10 x 10 mm
pieces. To install, simply remove the button’s cap, swap
out the current label, and replace the cap.

Not as easy as sending a new icon to an OLED pushbutton, but can do the job.

I’m finally finding some actually informative videos on Nuage online. It looks like they swiped a LOT of Tango’s features (the retractable keyboard, the swipe function, etc.). Interesting!

Would you post some pics of your new setup?