Will cubasis 3 ever have real send to bus feature with a real bus channels?

Hi, Will cubasis 3 ever have real send to bus feature with a real bus channels?
I like to have the same options as a normal DAW,
-channels with multiple sends with volume levels
-real bus channels that receive the signals

Possible soon?

Hi GavrielRafael,

Thank you for your message.

In regards to effects/channels, Cubasis follows the same concepts as Cubase.

Tracks can have up to 8 insert effects per track, or up to 8 global send effects.

The app also features group tracks, to combine single tracks, as well as discrete input/output channels, when connecting a capable audio device.

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Hi Lars,

I have a related question in the following topic:


ie., would it be possible to route group channels to other group channels in the future? For example I mix drums as follows: group channel for kicks, group channel for snares -> route the output of these two channels to “drums” group channel.

Thanks, Kim

Hi Lars,

A “Group” and a “Buss” are not the same thing.

For the past few days I’ve experimented quite a bit with Cubasis’s Groups feature. What I learned is that I can’t create a Group for reverb and another for delay and route the same sources (say piano and B3) to both. Cubasis only routes a given source to one group, making this method impossible.

This would have been useful for those attempting the Peter Decker method of building a template with the routing and plug-ins all ready, and using faders on effects busses to “dial in” the desired amount of the effect.

Another example to clarify why this is useful: parallel compression. Decker sets up a buss for parallel compression, routes a number of instruments to the buss, then uses the buss fader to include the amount of processed sound desired. Sometimes he will bring both of these busses to a third buss, which then feeds to the master channel, all in service of presetting all parameters to speed mixing. This method depends on being able to also route the sources directly to the master channel or another buss, delivering both processed and unprocessed sound.

The closest I have to come to this in Cubasis is presetting effects like reverb, delay, double-tracking and compression (for high ratio parallel compression) into the effects send slots of the relevant tracks, and using the mix slider to dial these effects in and out.

This is workable for me, as I’m only recording a few tracks. For anyone doing a larger project, the send busses will be absolutely required.

Is a true buss (really busses) a feature we can expect in a future Cubasis release?

Incidentally, to learn more about Decker’s incredibly logical approach that has produced 16 number 1 hits, look here:
Template Mixing and Mastering:… Template Mixing and Mastering: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Professional Sound: Decker, Billy, Taylor, Simon, Atkins, Rodney: 9781785007491: Amazon.com: Books


Sorry, it’s Billy Decker, not Peter Decker.

Lars, any answer regarding future support for true busses?

Hi @dovjgoldman,

Thanks for your message.
As of yet, we have no further information to share about bus support changes unfortunately.