WL11 Render Issue

yes, a not so small hole, upscale to 96k 24bit (win10 version this time).

yes, a not so small hole, upscale to 96k 24bit (win10 version this time)…(in stereo) :sunglasses:

If I test PG settings with a wav 44.1 to 96 kHz 24 bit in Batch Processor in WL11
sorry I can’t confirm here works like it should!

regards S-EH

Please give me the exact size (in samples) of the file you have resampled, so that I try to reproduce it (with the batch processor config (picture I added) you apparently acknowledge)

It was a 48k file

rendered to image

I have just resampled a large 48k file to 96k with no hole.
If possible, email me your file to see if there is something special with it.
Are you sure you did not use any additional plugin?

YES, I am sure I didn’t use any plugins. There’s nothing special with it, I did it again in Sequoia, no issues, sound quality was better too. But, Sequoia is USELESS for exporting (function wise) but as least the audio isn’t damaged and I can trust it’s output so I will have to stay with SEQ.

And you have used the batch processor exactly as in my picture?
There are some automated tests running on WaveLab, almost every day, where results are checked with bit accuracy. And resampling is part of them. This is why I much trust this process (for many years).
Please try again, and if you get the same problem, I wish you send me your file.

I have to draw a line. If/when I get time to bug test WL11 I will but I have wasted an enormous amount of time and I’m days behind on this project.

Sorry for laughing out loud here, but this does not add to your credit… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Also, you may not be aware, but PG1 is the developer of Wavelab, and if anyone can help you it is him. If you have time writing nonsense about Seqouia’s better sound quality, you might as well take 2 minutes to send your problem file…

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With all due respect, you are in no position to dish out ‘credit’. Not all upsampling is equal (I suggest you do some research before making smart arse comments). Just because YOU can’t hear something does not make it so! Go try it yourself (there’s a free demo of sequoia 16 available). You may need to upgrade your monitoring and d/a setup first as you probably can’t hear the difference between 44.1 and 96k on your advertised monitoring system.

I’m also aware who PG1 is. I can (and do) use google. I’ve gone back to the software that works for my needs. It’s a shame, wl11 has many features that would work for me but the cons outweigh the pros.

When the track is released in November I will gladly send the file but I’ll let you beta test going forward. :kissing_heart:

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