8.5.1 is out!

What is your impression…


Well my chord probem still there, no showing of chord symbols…

Now trashing prefs to see what this does.

Scissor tool vertical cursor lag is fixed!!! Great!!!

Testing automation audio dropout problem now but that’s tougher because its intermittent

Scissors tool still producing serious CPU hit on windows, because there seems to be no way to turn off the tool tip for this tool (bad). The other ones are ok now (good) if you turn off extra information in preferences. Still no way to turn off edge pop ups (bad), but they appear less likely (good). Mixed bag for now.

Dear Steinberg developers:
A TOOL TIP is hitting my CPU. Did you hear that? A TOOL TIP is seriously hitting my CPU. Now again: ON A DECENT WINDOWS COMPUTER, A TOOL TIP is REALLY REALLY hitting my CPU.

It’s a simple tool tip, not rocket science.

They fixed the project opening issue…there’s 1 good thing…


always the cross cursor on the timeline … :cry:

Thanks for the 411. :slight_smile: I will be putting 8.5.10 to the test but looks stable. :sunglasses:

Regarding chord track symbols not showing is still a problem, trashing preferences didn’t do the trick and installing the new update also didn’t the trick.

I guess I’ll be calling SB soon as “I cannot / will not wait weeks” before getting support…
Also no response yet from my e-support call…

VCA fader silence bug fixed?

B-14887 MIXCONSOLE: Fixed an issue where no audio was perceived after the
channel was connected to a VCA Fader

Locking cursor to to mouse while zooming still not addressed.



Automation silences audio output … is that fixed?

“B-15605 MIXCONSOLE: Fixed several VCA Fader issues related to writing

Yeah, not a fan. It’s bulky and awkward. I’d love to see this changed.

I’m not so sure that is the same as this “bug” (though I can’t tell if it has been officially labelled a bug …):


Thanks to the OP for the heads up on this. :wink:

I can’t believe Steinberg didn’t post a topic in this forum or send out a mass emailing to all registered users.

Lame it is… :unamused:

Regards :sunglasses:

I am curious as well why there has not been an announcement of the update on the forum yet. Isn’t that kind of strange that the forum members are the last to know?

Not that it really matters but how did you hear of the update?

I “accidentally” saw the post on the Steinberg website’s news section.

FIXED: reinstall windows did restore chord functionality, couldn’t wait that long for troubleshooting so took my working clothes on and did a complete re-install, pff now all the instruments and fx and I’m back in bussiness :mrgreen:

VCAs are still problematic https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=92703 so i’m not going to bother…