Akai MPD218 & Nektar Lx49+

Hey guys, been working on this all day. Perhaps it’ll save some time.
Here are a couple files from User…Documents.
Akai MPD218 & Nektar Lx49+ Scripts.
Shane B)


Thank you so much for this. I use LX 88 Hopefully it would work for it.

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Thanks for sharing and putting a lot of work and effort into creating this script.
I also have Nektar LX88+ which pretty much has the same buttons as the LX49+ and was hoping I could import but doesn’t seem to work for me importing .json if anyone knows what to do to install I would very, very much appreciate some simple instructional help . Thanks again, I bet it took a while :slight_smile:

Hi ! Someone know how to LOAD a preset ?

I can see your script on my windows MIDI Remote Manager/Scripts but when I press on Edit MIDI Controller Surface it just say ‘‘No connected midi controllers found for this script’’

How can I connect a SCRIPT to my midi controller ?

Thanks !

Use the Midi Remote Assitant (Button at the top right) to assign each controller.

why is this a json? shouldn’t it be the *.midiremote extension?

Yes, it is requested that users use the Export button in the MIDI remote manager.

Hey Guys, I updated the Scripts here:
Akai MPD218 & Nektar Lx49+

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can this be used for LX61+?? Mine does not working here

Hey y’all I just made one for the Panorama P1