Anyone else feel Steinberg support is terrible?

Sorry no!

I’ve used support twice over the last few years. In both cases the reply took over 5 weeks, and in both cases I got a reply like yours, despite my initial query informing them that both my OS and Cubase versions were fully up to date.

In this summer when i had a problem with the dongles Licenses, i had a responce of 3 weeks or so. They told me they are very very busy. In my mind the way installers and updates works, the elicenser works, i can expect that they will be servicing a lot of new users that do not understand it how to get the software they but, up and running…

I have had problems since Cubase 7.5 that are still not resolved.

I agree - what a rip off - wasted a grand on cubase pro 9 and wavelab elements.

Still cant burn off a CD. The instructions are awful. Mixcraft solved all my problems. I just counted my losses with the non-existent support` people at Steinberg.

The sound engine is a better quality in cubase but quess what? Mixcraft actually works! Wow!

In a fair world I should be able to get my money back off them. Feel really badly ripped off.

WOW… I can’t believe how confused your confusion just made me. it took me a while but now i realise… I think you’ve misread my comment.

For me, Steinberg / Yamaha has a terrible support, without respect for customers. I can even understand that they may not have an answer right away, but simply ignoring the customer, as someone who doesn’t need customers, is an act of arrogance and irresponsibility, because I believe that up there is not the company’s purpose, although I must answer for poor delegation of functions. I always get support from several companies in the same industry, all interested in customer satisfaction, the only one that I repeatedly have problems with is Steinberg. Finally, reiterating support email, due to the company’s lack of interest, I even asked for support on how to proceed with the product refund and simply did not answer any of the emails.

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they just want to sell the product !
such a terrible support !
no response at all !!!
so shame !