Battery 4 drag & drop

Hi all,

has anyone with Battery 4 tried drag & drop in C7 yet? Does it work? Details seems pretty sketchy from Native Instruments.


Let me go to work…I’ll tell ya end afternoon…if nobody had done it yet.
Just installed it yesterday. :nerd:

anyone with Battery 4 tried drag & drop in C7 yet?

If you’re asking if samples from C7’s MediaBay can be dragged into Battery 4’s pads…the answer is no. If you want to drag and drop Battery 4’s samples from its pads onto an audio track in C7, the answer is also no.

Can you drag an audio file from anywhere else, other than Cubase, into Battery 4’s pads, while it is being used as a VSTi in C7?, then yes, you can. Just Like Battery 3. Nothing’s changed.

Steinberg continues to limit the universally accepted concept of drag an drop to conform only within it’s proprietary XML database shell: MediaBay. NI has done nothing with Battery 4 to accept samples from MediaBay.

If your workflow requires a DAW that implements true universal drag and drop to an incredibly open and versatile level, investigate Presonus’s StudioOne.

Thanks for the detailed reply, Weasel. Disappointed to hear, it, though.

This thread is from the Presales forum.

I can drag samples from media bay to battery 4 pads just fine, so it Works! But u cant drag and drop from battery 4 pads to C7 audio track.

Steve…I cant remember whether you picked this up or not…but its a VST to XML translator, fo rdrag n drop to kontakt/battery etc …

Drag n Drop in Cubase???..Weve been battering (excuse the pun) taht one for around 4 yrs havent we!

While a small individual can write the code needed in around 3 hrs (what the author mentioned)…

Another pisstake by Steinberg. My patience with the whole fiasco of constantly asking for highly NEEDED features are ignored, while completely unecessary Mixer makeovers are implemented in broken stages!.

What are u talking about? No vst to xlm translator is needed to drag´n drop to kontakt or battery in C7. I just checked. Its the other way around that dosnt work.

Hey Kobana…cut out the childish condescending tone…

So your telling me that your the first person to realise drag n drop works?.

If so Kudos.

Sorry i didnt mean to sound disrespectfull.

What im saying is i can drag from media-bay, to Battery 4 and to Kontakt 5. But i cant drag from Battery 4 and Kontakt 5, to C7 audio track.

no worries bro…you got me at a bad moment (terabyte USB drive died 10 mins ago!! f@kk)…

so the good news is that you CAN drag n drop from Mediabay to a Pad in Battery 4/Kontakt!..

RESULT!. The otherway I dont think is as important, but someone will be along shortly to complain :smiley:

Let me be a little clearer about my first post. I responded to Mr. Helstrip (the OP), who uses an OSX system.

  1. VMX Translator: PC only. No help here.
  2. JHP’s arcane “pre-arrange windows/set MB to On Top/click to select/change window focus/click/drag to Battery” workaround from the Presales thread: doesn’t work with C7 and Battery 4. Nor does it work with Kontakt 5. With Battery, all you get is an unpopulated pad. With Kontakt you get this:

Again, this is on OSX.

As of Cubase 7 direct drag n drop from Mediabay to Battery and Kontakt now works… this is old news.

There’s no clarification here. It works, or it doesn’t?

What I (and many others) wish to do is drag, say, a kick drum from an audio track to a cell in Battery. Does this work? I hear more people say no than yes.

Someone with Battery 4 please answer. It certainly doesn’t work with Battery 3 in any version of Cubase that I have ever used.


Someone with Battery 4 please answer.


I did answer as a Komplete 9 owner and as a Mac user. You have to take into account that besides you and I, every poster in this thread so far, is speaking from a PC perspective.

I don’t upgrade to Battery 4. But samples (wav) from MediaBay C7’s can be drag&drop to Battery 3. So you are telling not true. Sorry mate.

sorry? please show a video evidence of you dragging a wav file from the Audio Pool and dropping it into Battery (3 or 4).

i would sure like to see that. Answer = NO YOU CANT. i have tested it many times, including today.

so stop shooting off that we dont know what we are doing thank you.


Stealth…do you know the difference between the Audio Pool and Media Bay? are you paying attention here?

again i state…Please show me ANY proof that you can drag and drop a wav file from the Audio Pool to Battery 3 or 4 with C6 or C7.

Answer = STILL NO.

You mean that in S1, samples can be dragged from audio track or from S1’s Pool into Battery’s pads and vice versa? I tried but didn’t succeed.