Beat Groupings in 5/4

Question from the Facebook group - posting in here…
I often use 5/4 time signatures. Every time I’ve read things in 5/4, longer note values (half notes and dotted half notes) reflect the larger meter division: 3+2 or 2+3. Full-bar notes are written as the 3+2/2+3, rather than whole note+quarter note (4+1).
For short note values - 8th notes and shorter - the beam groups are always beat-by-beat.
To check that I’m not just being crazy, I opened the score for the most notable orchestral example of 5/4 I could think of - Holst’s Mars. This is how he did the note grouping: long notes reflect 3+2, 8ths and 16ths break the beams at each quarter note beat.
This is a thing I’ve been asking about for probably 5 years of Dorico use. Am I just missing something? I’ve tried every setting in the Beaming and Note Grouping options and nothing seems to affect things globally.
I’ve gone through and manually broken every beam that I need to - but as soon as anything changes in that bar, all the manual beaming is reset.

You’re not missing something, unfortunately. This issue has a history going back to the beginning, but more recent threads may be less confusing, since Dorico has acquired so many features since 2016. There is currently no setting that will give us both at once.