Choral score,partito and optimized 合唱总谱、分谱与优化谱

Excuse me,How to Input and conversion of Choral score,partito and optimized?

I’m assuming that the left page is condensed? Try deleting and re-entering the bold/doubled indications.

You might need to try and explain in a bit more detail what your issues are. It’s hard to guess with just a ?.

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Excuse me,How to Input and conversion of Choral score,partito and optimized?

Does the picture show your Dorico project, or is it an image of what you want to make in Dorico?

It’s hard to know what you want to do without seeing what you have done. Can you show us the project file, or a screenshot that includes Signposts.

Do you want to convert the 2-stave systems into 4-staves? Use Paste > Explode to split the two voices into two staves.

The image in the OP looks like Finale output to me. At least I assume by the fact that it’s complete and edited, including all the Chinese text, that it is not 276180876’s own work in Dorico, but a published example of changing between condensed and open score for choir.

One way to do this in Dorico is to use condensing to combine Soprano+Alto and Tenor+Bass onto shared staves. This currently has some serious limitations that have been discussed in many other threads.

Another way is to add two more instruments for SA and TB in setup mode (in addition to the 4 separate SATB staves), write the music on the staves where you want it to appear, and use system breaks in the score at the switch points.

I fear that this mountain of information with multiple possible approaches will be impossible to convey over a language barrier.


via Google Translate:

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