Chord symbol slash in different font


I’m working on a project with a font that’s not SMUFL (Neue Singular)
Is there a way to make the slash symbol smaller?
I tried to make Font Styles > Chord Symbols altered bass seperator font smaller, but that didn’t work.


I think that this should do the trick:

Also some other threads about similar things:

There’s a few more too. Yell out if you need more guidance.

How did I do @FredGUnn?

Looks good! As Dorico doesn’t have a Font Style or adjustment settings for slashes, I made one myself with a doricolib file and posted it in this thread.

Once installed, the doricolib file creates a functioning Font Style to adjust this:

Basically the doricolib file redefines the bass.slash and the bass.slashdiagonal glyphs to use the new Font Style that’s also contained in the doricolib file, so you can have easy control over this. I have the default percentages and yOffset values set to work the way I want with my fonts without further adjustment or editing, but obviously these can be edited to whatever you want as well.

Yeah, this only works for the “on” text selected below:

There isn’t a setting to adjust the normal slash, which is why I created the doricolib file described above. I explained how to install it in the linked thread, but let us know if you can’t get it working.