Copy and paste snap point drama

Is there any way to make this stop? Copy and paste was standard in most software in 1992 for ■■■■’s sake!

(edit) Maybe I’m doing this wrong, but I will highlight a file copy/paste and it will insert in the wrong spot because it is using the snap point instead of the beginning of the file as a starting point I guess.

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This is no real problem description, so not helpful to anybody.

This isn’t obvious? You don’t regularly copy and paste audio and realize you have to move the snap point to the beginning of the file so it will paste in the correct spot?

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Ummm … no.

Helpful reply man, thanks!

Turn off snap? Set it as a key command?
There are some options to paste at a desired position.

No problem. Always happy to help! :grin:

This is happening despite snap being turned off. Are you saying I need to do something other than just hit ctr-v to get it to paste where the cursor is?


The Snap Point is the stemp in the file, where did you really pressed the Record button. The signal ahead is the signal, which had been recorded before your started the track Record (Cubase offers you to don’t miss something important, if you hit it too late).

Obviously the expectation is, you want to operate with the time, when did you really pressed Record button. If you made a mistake and you pressed the Record too late, move the Snap Point (marker/flag) to the wanted time stamp, please.

This snap point problem has been present since always. And it is more a PITA than a helpful feature, countless of threads already about it and no real solution or workaround to completely turn them off completely or remove them entirely. Or if you have one, I and the OP are glad to hear it.

Just a few of them:

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What about to set the pre-record time to 0? This doesn’t help? Why?

Btw, lots of users understand, like and use the Snap Point feature as it has been designed. They are not just as laud as the other group.

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I’m sorry, but the initial post was a rant, nothing mentioned the real problem. The OP edited it afterward.

It wasn’t really just a rant because I genuinely wanted to know if there is a solution. There is somebody right here who understood what I was talking about and answered my question without giving me any s*** about it. And as I suspected there are obviously plenty of other people who wish they could turn this feature off. Snap points are great when you want to use them, but having to go through extra steps to merely highlight, copy and paste and have the result be where you want it is absurd.

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And what do you do, if you need pre-record time enabled for long and important recording sessions?
Thats why it doesn’t help, because you have to sacrifice a very helpful feature, to get rid of another one you don’t want, instead of having the possibility to turn them on/off individually.

Probably, we don’t know. But according to the vast amount of posts here, there are for sure many people having issues with this feature enabled. So it would only make sense to provide a solution.

PS: The issue is, that those snap points seem to happen randomly/accidentally, out of nowhere there are audio events, which have the snap point somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it is just a PITA.

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I sometimes get wrong-footed by the snap point but it is there to help and it is a good feature that is very useful if you keep an eye on it.

For your specific needs you can move the snap point to the start of the event by doing the following:

  1. Select the event
  2. Click menu item Transport->SetProjectCursorPosition->LocateSelectionStart (default shotcut key is L)
  3. Click menu item Audio->SnapPointToCursor (I don’t know what the default key is for this but I have it set to Shift-K)

You could even set up a macro to do the two commands together and then set this to another shortcut key - hence only one quick keypress.

Or write a special paste macro where it pastes the event, stores the cursor position in (say) locator 9, then resets the snap point as above then locates the play cursor to Locator9 then moves the event to the cursor.

If you really really wanted to always have the snap point at the start of an audo event when recording the only way I know of is to record with the timebase set to Samples and the set the grid to 1 Sample. Maybe that would help?


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