Cubase 11.0.41 maintenance update released

The Cubase 11.0.41 maintenance update for Cubase Pro and Artist fixes two issues that are occurring since the 11.0.40 update.

Please download and install “Cubase 11.0.41 – application (required)” in the Steinberg Download Assistant. No other components need to be installed for this update.

All details can be found at Cubase 11 Release Notes | Steinberg


Still only seeing 11.0.40 here in SDA …

Yep - nada…

It’s only for Pro and Artist. Are you looking in the Elements folder?

Under the “My Products” default view I see this:
(which by the way, does not correctly reflect my products!)
… but if I navigate to Cubase | Cubase Pro 11, I see this:
Installing now!

Ah! Ok. I’ll check with SDA guys. Thanks!

Hi When will this update hit nuendo with the ARA zoom fix? thanks

Installed, thanks for the quick fix!

Thank you for the ARA fix!

why tool bar from right click on the mouse still not working as expected?

This was my experience as well. I have found the steinberg download assistant’s design bewildering from a user perspective.

I totally agree – for example, why does it no longer offer the option to just download instead of install? Why does it have to re-install an already installed eLicenser? Why does it show a random selection of products, some of which I don’t own, under “My products”?

I ran the update and after that Groove Agent and Halion disappeard from the Download Assistant. Anybody else have that problem? They are still installed and working, but it would still be nice to be able to update and so on…

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Halion 6 disappeared from Download Assistant - Virtual instruments / HALion - Steinberg Forums

(post deleted by author)

Never mind, I thought that the auto scroll behavior was changed. It wasn’t. My bad, sorry.