Cubase 12.0.10 - performance issues

Getting audio glitches with no tracks armed that I didn’t get in 11. A different glitch sound too compared to anything I’ve heard before! These are simple projects with 2 or 3 tracks of Kontakt piano and bass sampled instruments.

I’ve checked that audio settings are the same.

MacBook Pro 2014
Big Sur
MacOS Audio output is set to Sonarworks
Asio guard: High

Hi issue with cpu is on going

my system
win 10 64bit
processor amd fx™-8120 eight-core processer 3.10ghz
ram 20gb
presonus studio 192

i noticed something not wright with cubase 11 with some tracks muting randomly that had kontakt ins on them but now cubase 12 is another level with added cpu problems as well all of my cubase versions are broken now witch cubase 10.5 worked perfect,what has changed for me is in previous versions i had asio guard set to normal but now in cubase 12.0.10 set high or else it pops cracks and even freeze and the biggest problem now is with presonus studio 192,i cannot change buffer size for mixing to 1024 or 2048 because it splatters and freezes cubase and my whole entire pc freezes and need to restart pc a big tragedy and now left with unfinshed projects for clients
note all versions of cubase are now in trouble

Hi Matthias, regarding the performance issues, below are two videos of my system meter one from 11 and the other from 12. Same arrangement, same system. Something is clearly not right.
Cubase 11

Cubase 12


I had the exact same thing happen on mine and my son’s PC… Also, the C12 was able to hang after a while of not being used and it was over… That’s why I went back to C11 :wink:

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Hello to all,
So unfortunately have to jump on board with this have a lot of CPU problems with various plugins like Kontakt Falcon Arturia…etc.
My pc unfortunately gets to its limits very quickly with an I9 9900k.
64gb RAM win 11 that was better with 11. Is just the question of whether the computer now already sees his retirement age or it is due to C12.
Unfortunately, I also have problems with the too large windows and can close C12 most only with StrAltEnf…
Hope for another update with improvements

I have a fast I7 and things are going well for me at the moment , but i am catching up with midi from Genos and converting to wave and mixing.
On the Vst side i do find that certain Arturia synth have sounds that go over the top on my performance meter but no real glitches. The Cpu is quite low on Arturia ,about 14 %.
The performance meters for me are dodgy looking.
I think that certain machines behaviour is what steinberg showed to have failed in not doing the beta stuff before release and it has caused the s**t hitting the fan!!!

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@peachy @Matthias_Quellmann
Yep same here. All Projects which were running fine on C11 and are on the heavier side with plugins on individual channels, busses and stereo out, are still struggling after the C12.0.10 update. Never had drop outs before.

Glad that I am not the only one here, so this is definitely some general C12 issue.
Hopefully this will be fixed so that we have at least the same performance as before.

One would think newer updates would improve performance, instead its the other way round, which is sad, as the new features of C12 are really a big jump forward for me.


Since 12.0.10, Cubase has a high probability to crash when opening Waves plugins, not only when inserting new plugins but also when simply opening windows of plugins that are already loaded.
I have never experienced that in any previous version of Cubase.
Here are the crash logs :
Cubase 64bit 2022.4.18 (848.7 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2022.4.18 (845.8 KB)


I think I’m also noticing the same thing as @Louis_R regarding waves plugins. I’m no expert at deciphering crash logs but I’ve been having a bunch of crashes and I often see Waves in the logs.


I think the Cubase 11 meter shows the averages so it will not show exactly what is really happening. The new C12 meter does not average the results which is why your seeing more action on it.

But of course there is an issue in C12 that Steinberg are already aware of. Hopefully that gets fixed in 12.0.20

But the new c12 will be far more active than the old C11 meters so the two can no longer be compared like that. The new C12 meter is to give the users a better idea of what is really happening.

Same here… bunch of crashes everyday, crashes when ever I try to open projects first time even at start up


You see what am talking about sir, its like a roll of the dice weather cubase is going to work on your system, and all the so called pros insulting me like am the issue here. Cubase 12 is there most unstable DAW out right now… Cubase is trying to do too much…

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Sorry folks. I moved some posts and replies out of the topic.

You can call Cubase names, and say what you want, but when people start insulting each other, well that’s a bit to much.


Hi there.

I have the same issue. But disconnecting my midi device didn’t change anything :-(.

Any other thoughts on this?

See also my new post regarding this.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

Hi @Ehabmxd, the second crash dump shows a crash in your ADSR Sample Manager.vst3. Any clue what you were doing before the crash?
First crash pointing to a pop-up window or dialogue. Can you remember what this might have been? We’ll have a look into the crash dumps. Please provide as much information as possible when you experience a crash. This allows us to reproduce and debug it on our systems. Thanks!

Hi @exoslime , the freeze dumps of C12.0.0 and C12.0.10 look the same. It seems like a hang in a hardware device (audio interface? Controller?) The dumps don’t show a specific hardware which is causing the freezes, nor where they were triggered in Cubase.
Can you:

  • check in your device manager if there are any unknown devices
  • check for updates for your hardware
  • try removing the audio interface/ midi controllers etc
    Let me know if this showed any effect. Thank you!

thanks for your reply and checking!

the device manager doesnt list any unknown device also hardware looks operating normal.

I got a workable configuration again, i did uninstall cubase 12.x and did manually remove the midi-control remote settings that i have created on cubase 12.0.00 before i did the update, then installed cubase 12.0.00 again, installed the update 12.0.10, this worked fine, and then i have created a new midi controller remote setting again and it seems it did the trick, i did not have any crashes on saturday, sunday and monday and was able to work in cubase again :slight_smile: :+1:

Mac OS Catalina, Cubase 12.0.00 works without issue. Then Kontakt and also audio stop sounding in seconds in 12.0.10. No issue from Cubase 11. I installed the old 12.0.00 and It was wroking till now.
Today, Cubase 12.0.00 runs check license for a very long time. After I force quit, it said "There is no license - Cubase will quit.
I am running Steinberg activation manager, it says “Loading, please wait” for five minutes and still like that when I am typing.
You may improve the license checking better, we are professional studio and our customers never want to stay here to see the screen.
By the way, my internet is working fine, cause I am using it to type these words.

Thank you.

hello chriss thank u for comment
i think the problem with AVID EuCon protocol i downloaded before 2 days
My audio interface : Waves Digigrid D+iox (Soundgrid protocol)
But maybe the problem start after i install the Avid Eucon with Smartphone APP in andriod No any hardware from AVID

i will delete the avid and Test again

first crash i opened the ADSR standalone and drag some loops
but after i opened old session the crash begin ( i opened 2 session same time with adsr loop )