Cubase 12.0.70 maintenance update

Hi Nico. I’ve always worked with that to cover all bases for bouncing and mixdowns. The funny thing I can put Cubase to the other extreme eg 44 x 16 and the same issues occur wuth Synthmaster. I’ve also noticed the Synthmaster window doesn’t display cpu usage properly. There’s a support ticket in to kvr. I should add I run a nvidi 3060 graphics card with no bloatware. Latency monitor shows no real problems.
Just to add again, Synthmaster 2 is flawless in Cakewalk.

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Thanks for indulging my curiosity - very interesting approach!

This may be a stupid question, but are you running the same VST version of Synthmaster in Cakewalk as in Cubase? Or are you maybe running VST2 in Cakewalk and VST3 in Cubase? I’m asking since I’ve seen little bugs in some VST3 plugin versions that crept in for some developers who were just getting into VST3.

VST3 in both. Using VST2 exhibits similar behaviours.
KVR got back to me pointing at For anyone that's getting spikes in Cubase 11 on Windows 10, 11 which prompted me to disable the Steinberg power scheme and set everything in windows. No difference. It’s the multiprocessing check box that really makes the difference. But it still doesn’t get over weird UI behaviour in Synthmaster - no cpu usage displayed and…get this…the top Synthmaster patch displayed only displays anything selected previously! I’m more or lsss resigned to using Cakewalk for this synth because it’s flawless there.

This entire Synthmaster conversation probably belongs into it’s own thread, because there’s little evidence that it’s related to the topic of this thread at all.

And if you choose to start a separate thread about it, I’d be happy to test on my system, if you have a sample Cubase project with just Synthmaster 2 in it. I also have that plugin, but couldn’t replicate the problem when I quickly tried just now.



And if you choose to start a separate thread about it, I’d be happy to test on my system, if you have a sample Cubase project with just Synthmaster 2 in it. I also have that plugin, but couldn’t replicate the problem when I quickly tried just now.

Many thanks. I’ll do that and attach the project.

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Thanks! - I’ve found your new thread, linking it here for anyone else who might be interested and/or willing to try your test project on their system:

While it really seems to be a Synthmaster problem, maybe we can find some workarounds.

I’ll be back at my DAW later today, and will do some further experimentation then

Hi, any new element to estimate the dates for next Cubase and Nuendo version ?
I just bought crossgrade to Nuendo and wait activating it. May be could I just have to upgrade Cubase…

Many thanks Nico

Have you ever seen this video about sampling rates? I found watching the whole thing very informative and helpful. Might just be the most informative treatment of the subject anywhere:

p.s. hat tip to @Johnny_Moneto for the link in another thread.


That’s really interesting and very clearly explained. It sent me flying to the Waves plugins I use to check their oversampling rates - 192kHz - so at a project sample rate of 48kHz they can oversample 4 x. So your initial question back when I entered this thread about why I run projects at 96kHz is prompting a re think. Once upon a time I was a musician…

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To my knowledge, Waves plugins do not oversample at all. I’m curious where you found that info?

Just remember Audio CDs were released in early 80s using a rate of 44khz. We’re 40 years down the road with digital media and the masses are still using using 44/48khz rates without issues.

I think it’s safe to assume that the majority of music is covered within those rates for a long time yet, the tech industry is so fast moving yet these rates have stood the test of time basically as it’s capped off based on our hearing.

You’re potentially doubling up the CPU and storage requirements @ 96khz. I’d need a good reason to be doing that, but I appreciate that you want to future proof everything.

I think being a musician that uses any musical hardware - instruments or otherwise - has always included a healthy dose of understanding and manipulating technology - unless you outsourced that part of the process.

Either you have a village friend who knows what wood is best for a log drum, or you have to learn it yourself. :slight_smile:

Using Cubase as a musician lets you do a lot of stuff, that used to require a whole crew of knowledgeable people in addition to a building full of hardware.

If you prefer, you can still avoid all of that technical know-how, by hiring someone with the expertise you don’t find worthwhile acquiring. And you can stay pure as a “musician”.

Or you can be like Les Paul, one of the leading guitar players of his age, who also chose to conquer the technology available to him and hack together some new tricks that allowed him to create recordings, his fellow guitar players of that age couldn’t.


Sample Rate Support - Waves Audio

…but it appears I may have misread it - it says they support up to 192,000 kHz not that they oversample at that. Aaaagh.

This ^

It’s been said elsewhere that there will no more updates to v12. (Hot-fixes excepted, hopefully).

I simply loathe this Steinberg policy/

I downloaded the 12.0.70 update. I notice that the interfaces for the delay and reverb plugins have changed from rotary to linear. Is this part of the update or have I accidentally changed a configuration setting or something?

Forgive me - where are you seeing this exactly.? Could you post any screenshots to help illustrate please.?

Probably. It sounds like you turned on the Generic Editor. Check out this manual entry below. There should be a setting in the Functions Menu.