Cubase 13.0.30 maintenance update

The Cubase 13.0.30 maintenance update is now available. The update introduces many fixes and improvements in several areas of the application. Instantly noticeable are the improvements to the user interface. We have carefully analyzed the user feedback after the release and made several refinements, mostly in the MixConsole and the Project window. Another major improvement is the change to the project file format which now allows file sizes of more than 2GB.

The update is immediately available for download via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Please find all details on the release notes.


Thank you for the announcement.
Would you be able to say if there are further maintenance updates planned for Cubase 13, or is this the final one?

No, no worries. We are already working on the 13.0.40.


Thank you. Will read release notes, but is the instrument child tracks now showing up in the Channel inspector? (as you know, it remained only on the main Instrument parent track even when selecting the child tracks ie. multiple outputs to that Instrument).

Edit: So it is!


“Selecting a multi-out instrument return in the track list now correctly updates the Channel Inspector to show the specific return channel instead of the main instrument channel.”


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Thank you for listening to your customers! In a time of equity firm buyouts of some pro audio companies and the resulting decrease in customer service responsiveness, it is refreshing to see Steinberg going in the right direction. Please keep listening! And please stay involved in the forum, it makes a difference!


Any word on when the issue for audio spikes for audio clips event’s will be addressed. This issue has been reported on numerous forums for years?

… where we will re-introduce the calculator part of Beat Calculator and
re-introduce undo for VSTi, but this time as a feature.

Na, how does that sound to you?


Pretty logical.

Really great GUI improvements!

And I love the non-bold option for track name text - been wishing for this for a while. Just nicer to look at overall.

Well done. Cubase looking modern and operation is zippy.

Absolutely loving working with it.


I took a look at it and loved it. A big improvement to the GUI.
The bold/regular option is welcome.
Great Work!


Regular font is amazing!! Everything looks and feels more premium now. Great work, Steinberg.


After a fast test look like the graphic glitches issues on Mac are solved. Will try to test it deeply.

also was hoping for the beat calculator function to return "calculate tempo by range selection "
didn’t install yet the update , but i don’t see this in the improvement list.


I’m not able to create a ticket in support section of Steinberg site
How could I extend my trial time of C13? 0.20 version was working really bad and I don’t want to pay for an update untill I clearly understand that I can with this version

Thank you so much for this update.

It looks so much nicer to my eyes. It wasn’t bad before though…



Any screenshots of what the MixConsole and Project window look like now? I haven’t updated yet, and I’m not going to deal with the demo to find out, but I’m very curious :smiley:

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It is impossible for me to save the project under a different name in this version