Cubase 13 drum editor - where are my instrument names?

Can’t see the instrument names any more?

I will go in soon today to check this and verify have same issue and report back. Seems like a few of these types of issues in 13. Or 12 projects opening weird… Is this a new 13 created project or opening a 12?

Actually it’s the worst of all possible worlds - it’s a new 13 track that I imported a few tracks from a 12 project into!

It’s normal here. In your pic it looks like you have a whole section missing. What happens if you pull the section divider to the right. Also it’s weird that your divider control seems to be at the top of the page and not in the middle.

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Yeah tried that. Nada. It’s gone!


Try to go to Window > Windows. Select the Drum Editor from the list and click to Reset Window Layout button, please.

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply, we have been away from home for a fortnight.

Tried that, still borked :frowning:

As of the 13.0.20 update: still happening, in a freshly created Kontakt drum track.

Bump. Still happening in latest release of Cubase Pro (13.0.41). This is maddening. Please can you help @Martin.Jirsak

Can you try to use the factory preferences? Are you familiar with the procedure how to get there?


How does it look like in the Drum Map Setup window, please?