Cubase IC Pro on iOS 15 Broken


gibt es einen neuen Sachstand?

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can we please get a fix for the app? I’m having the same problem being discussed here.

Is this problem being work on at all?

I am guessing this is being abandoned since Cubase on Mac when running native Apple Silicon no longer has the SKI remote option to be able to connect to IC Pro. So now that makes two parts of this broken with no word from SB.

I think it got fixed on the iOS end. Mine started working again with iOS 15.4

I’m on 15.5 and it’s still doing the same thing. Crashes as soon as I try to type anything

It is but I have to admit not with the highest priority at the moment. But it is not forgotten.

Really???..sorry Ed but this app It has been abandoned for at least 4 years. Today they shouldn’t even charge for it. I have bought it in its day, and today I regret it, although it did its service when it did it well… users already know that it is not a priority, that is why they look for alternatives. I am sorry if I have been harsh.