Cubase Pro 11 Project Window and Key Editor Grid Issue caused by HiDPI

@arieln @Thurisaz This is still ongoing. As @Armand mentioned, the team is working on a solution. Unfortunately there hasn’t been an improvement in the 11.0.20.

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@arieln hello,
Yes, it’s very disappointing that they can’t still fix the HiDPI problem… More than two years passed since this function was integrated into Cubase and it still doesn’t work as expected…
The guys behind Studio One were able to fully integrate it for just few updates within an year. And it works just fine.
I hope that @Matthias_Quellmann and the other from the Cubase team will take care more about the important features in Cubase, because this great app just gradually losing the it’s position.
So many Must Have functions are missing, while they are investing time to integrate features for people who don’t have even basic knowledge in music theory…
We still don’t have:

  1. Triplet and dotted Grid inside Audio Editor.
  2. Normal Event Volume Envelope, just like in Studio One and Pro Tools.
  3. Multi-track Free Warping .
  4. Well organized and good looking Score Editor, just like in Dorico, Logic Pro, Overture, Studio One
  5. An option to invoke automation directly on the track without the need to add Automation Lanes.
  6. Far more advanced Quantize Panel, just like the Beat Detective in Pro Tools.
  7. Well integrated HiDPI.
    …and more…

Such things should have been integrated and/or improved in Cubase many years ago, but they are not…
If the strategy of the team is to ruin Cubase, and to lose market positions, well done, gentlemen! You are in the right direction! :wink:
I think that since the amount of people who are dissatisfied is far bigger than those who are satisfied, well then some red light must start blinking in your heads, and tell that you are doing something in the wrong way…
from 50 votes:
50% are dissatisfied
32% are satisfied
22% O.K. - which can be translated as half way satisfied, half way dissatisfied (50/50).
In the previous poll for Cubase 11.0.20 Update you have negative result, too.
From 175 votes:
46% dissatisfied
35% satisfied
19% O.K. (half satisfied, half dissatisfied).
The results show that something with product managing of Cubase is going wrong…
If you create the same poll for Dorico, I’m sure that the result will be opposite - much more satisfied, than dissatisfied.
Cubase is the flagship product of Steinberg, so you can’t afford such negative results! :slight_smile:

For the good of Cubase I hope that they will really rethink their direction! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


4k monitors are user errors?
These fanboy comments are hilarious, sorry

Jumping instantly on every new technology released without doing research and thinking about it is blatantly user error, yes. Software companies don’t - have - to support 4k. There are engineering softwares out there still only supporting 640p that are used daily.


https:// youtu. be/14lF6hfbyhc?t=62

doesn’t really look like 4k screens to me

Also doesn’t really look like 4k screen
https:// .com/watch?v=VLV4jEW8_1U

Looks more like mine which is just under 4k, 3440x1440. if they are 4k, they picked a resolution/screen size that doesn’t cause them problems. derr

Those link don´t work, and I stand behind what I said, they are working in 4k, for years now.
I dug up the conversation with Charlie Clouser where Zimmer posted an image of a UHD screen showing cubase mixer in Vi Control forum, it is from 2015, so they are using HDPI for six years now.

Hans Zimmer uses several uhd screens , Charlie Clouser , Trevor Morris, Powell is using a giant one. And guess what, If you see their youtube videos they say that it is one of the best investments to make (I concurr, never going back to HD)

You are still making no sense, it doesn´t matter what resolution/screen size you use, what matters is that Cubase still has problems.

I don´t care if companies don´t have to support it, Steinberg made HDPI a feature, that´s the moment we jumped in, and it didn´t work right for years (still have problems).

Now I think you are a troll, so, I am out. I will still try to held Steinberg accountable for all the time they featured something that doesn´t work right and takes a couple of paid upgrades to fix.

I’ve been using 4K screens on MacOS for years without problems. A 43-inch 4k screen @ 80 cm is very nice for Cubase.
BTW, when I boot the same system in Windows I don’t see any weirdness either. Don’t use it very often, Windows, though.

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Not really sure what the problem is, and clearly the a-list users you’ve mentioned aren’t having problems. I have very nice high resolution ultra-wide screen. Zero issues here. Why do I need HDPI? From what I recall, Steinberg offered some resolution conversion features to partially remediate the user error of buying a non-optimal screen, while they convert everything to vector graphics. They said they would support HDPI, and they did, and it’s not perfect because it was a rushed workaround to placate people who bought the wrong screen, and now they are slowly improving.

Get a different screen if you can’t wait for the improvements. They don’t have a light switch to instantly convert all the graphics to HDPI and vector.

3440x1440 isn’t exactly a small screen, and everything is perfect for me. It seems like a similar size to what Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer have in the above videos.

You obviously don’t want to even think about what I’m saying…
I know that O.K by itself has positive meaning. But probably it’s because you don’t understand some marketing things, you don’t clearly understand what O.K. means in this particular poll.
The Company of course need to sound more positive. It’s the same when using “not bad” when you would like to sound more positive, while you are thinking something isn’t enough good.
In this poll O.K. “positively” replaces ( half satisfied, half dissatisfied).
I hope you understand it now! :slight_smile:

About the HiDPI it’s only Windows feature and for wide screens you need it, otherwise at 100% DPI everything looks very small
Here is the problem that we all, who have QuadHD, or 4K monitors experience with DPI scaling larger than 100%:

These problems should have been fixed long time ago, but they are still present.

Best wishes,

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I’m proof within the discussion itself, seeing as i voted ‘Ok’. The update was a glass of water, not a fancy sparkling cocktail. I appreciate and like water though, it’s a positive thing. There wasn’t anything in the update that had affected me previously so I didn’t get a sense of satisfaction from the update, but the update is still a good and positive thing and progress. Context is everything, and you were trying to add weight to the dissatisfied side of the poll.

Here I will make it easy for you
50% are dissatisfied
54% are - not - dissatisfied.
so in average, everyone is ‘Ok’. It’s a beautiful thing.

Sorry but that’s just not how you abstract results from data, there’s a certain methodology to analyzing data and part of that is studying the variables of error (you were talking about marketing… something I actually know a fair amount about)… Like, the poll is a sample of only Steinberg internet forum members which is going to consist of personality type trends (autistic is what I sense the most, and autistic people can be hard to please).

Also, the poll isn’t marketing. It is user engineer feedback. Steinberg aren’t trying to sell Cubase by offering the option to vote ‘dissatisfied’ and ‘very dissatisfied’. This is just genuine user feedback data, not marketing.

Don’t use HiDPI if it has problems. I build my entire system and studio around Cubase. Whatever doesn’t work, gets sold or closeted. That is audio engineering.

If channel 1 on the Neve console starts pooping, you don’t call Neve to complain and then keep trying to use Channel 1. You call Neve/Local Studio Tech, and then tape off channel 1 and sessions thereon start at channel 2 until ch1 gets fixed.

If I get a flat tire, I don’t call the tire company to complain while I continue to drive on my flat tire. I get out of the car, and change the tire putting on the spare.

If my oven stops working, I fire up the bbq. and if I forgot to get propane, I build a fire pit.

If I get a screen that isn’t compatible with the software I use to make a living, I get a different screen and never look back.

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Good for you man, can you please let us try to engage with steinberg about out problems with cubase?


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Let me please raise this first: If you want to engage with Steinberg and discuss issues and other topics, we need to keep the conversation constructive and respectful. If you want to be taken seriously , you have to act like you are talking to someone in the same room. I understand that the anonymity of the internet could sometimes lead to a more drastic tone, but we all need to agree that you and I, as well as Armand and the rest of the Steinberg team are here to make a change for the better. Making assumptions on the systems of professionals who we are working with and visiting in their studios regularly doesn’t help you to be taken seriously neither.

As Armand explained we are aware of the issue and we are working on a fix. The switch to HDPI is huge project for a complex application like Cubase and we need to improve in iterations. There are several aspects that have to be developed in the framework and how certain things are drawn, as well as the user interface itself. We are currently investigating new solutions for the line drawing issues on Windows with scaled screen resolutions, but these changes need to tested carefully and cannot be rushed into a maintenance update. I am really sorry that the progress seems to be slow, but we are investing a lot of resources in HDPI, even though our surveys and the feedback from our partners tell us that the market share of 4k displays in professional studios is rather low. But of course, the 27" 4k seems to be the new standard at amazon etc.


Hi Matthias, thanks for chiming in, with all due respect, I could be a little less drastic, and engage in a conversation if you (not you personally, but Steinberg) didn´t pick and choose which topics to reply, I have tried to engage with you several times, and it went on deaf ears, I am very sorry but this change for the better was presented years ago, and in my humble opinion has yet to materialize.

I do think it is Steinberg´s job to take it´s customers seriously.

Do you know what the problem is about Hdpi for example? The problem is that you presented it as a feature, and you didn´t deliver, and though I understand it can be hard to achieve, you have a history of charging us for those fixes, you can see a lot of complaints in the forum about that issue: Half finished features that need a .5 or even a .0 upgrade to work as intended.

Upgrades that never have a version history of fixes so we have to come here to check between each other, you can check those threads too, asking if something was fixed or not, and ask yourself if you are taking us seriously.

I think the drastic tone doesn´t come from anonimity but frustration, and I apologize if I came across as rude (it wasn´t intended at you) but, we have asked and asked for changes in the past and it seems that if you are not a “partner” , nothing changes.

Again, I have told you numerous times that I appreciate that you are here dealing with all of our anger and frustration, but I honestly think it is not enough, Cubase is still riddled with lots of old bugs that doesn´t get fixed (and design choices that could be discussed but it never happens).

Thanks and sorry for the rant.

One of the things that are working for me.

I wish the CPU was better optimized.

Bah! If people were to modify their tone, you would then underestimate their frustration and urge fore things to improve! Leave the cowering to the Americans! Give us the truth!!!

Just to give some context: At the time of the Cubase 10 release we knew that the implementation of HDPI on Windows 10 was just basic. But due to the different approach of Apple and the great way to deal with HDPI on macOS, HPDI on Mac could already be realised fully. We had to decide whether we wanted to postpone or release the feature. In the end we released it, but stated clearly in the marketing copies that it was working sufficiently on macOS, but only limited on Windows 10. We even switched off HDPI per default on Windows. With every version since then we are improving the usability in terms of plug-ins scaling for plug-ins and the general user interface. It’s a constant process and we are delivering progress with every iteration.

We are appreciating all the input and the feedback that is generated in this forum. A lot of the feedback is helping us every day to improve Cubase. But sometimes it feels like that some members of the forum think that they are representing the majority of users or the single point of reason for Steinberg or the product strategy. We are talking to many different users, professionals and amateurs, collecting a lot of data and trying to manage our development resources in order to create the most user value. If some issues exist for a longer time, then there is - most of the time - a reason for it. I understand that it could be frustrating some times that an issue that is affecting you is just not fixed, but the reason will never be, that we are not listening, not understanding the workflow or disrespecting our users.

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I understand what you are saying, but, to be honest, this wasn´t about HiDPI, (and I assume the blame for engaging other users and derailing the other thread). My long problem with all of the issues I wrote about remain.

I never would pretend to by the voice of other users, but I read time and time again the same complains of other users that reflects those of mine, and yet I still don´t think Steinberg is listening:

  • lots of bugs remain unfixed, it may have a reason as you say, I don´t know if this is due to the age of the code or else, but I think it remains your responsability because the product you are selling remains flawed.

  • New features go out in the payed upgrades and don´t function like they should.

I don´t know if you remember VCA, with a crazy approach of grouping record enabling and other track parameters…that took a great deal of complaining and bickering from us for you to acknowledge and change it…years later…even now, I have to uncheck sends and routing when I click “use VCA”.

  • Workflow changes without the option to deactivate or go back to previous behaviour.

How much time it took for you to listen and add back entries to the right click menu? How much time and complaining will it take to give us an option to deactivate the safe start dialog when Cubase crashes? why you keep changing the way the mixer displays track names?

  • How can it be that within minutes of a new launch users find lots of things not working, how about a more public beta testing strategy?

  • Again, why do we have to come here on .5 and .0 to check for fixes when you could have the policy of releasing history version like you do on updates?

  • Why do we have to engage local support instead of talking directly to you if we are not in selected countries? that has baffled me for a long time.

I could go on and on, these are MY complains and problems with Steinberg, and I don´t speak for anyone else, but if we remain in silence things don´t change, and we could have still not properly implemented VCA behaviour.

As I said numeros times, all of this comes from my love of Cubase, I want to help in whatever form I can to make it better, I can take all of this to a private conversation if you choose.
Again, thanks for talking to us here, I do appreciate your work here.

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Someone literally made a freeware app to assist with Cubase’s inability to process vsts effectively (AudioGridder) in real time due to the newly developed and widely used multicore processors and this is supposed to only affect just a few users, no reason to care. I understand that you want the topics to fall within the parameters YOU want to discuss but this is a serious issues that MUST be addressed. I am not special, I am not above anyone. My flaws probably outweigh all of yours. The one thing however is that I can see is that Cubase MUST perform better with higher CPU loads.

They just released an update that fixes a plethora of bugs.

Because it increases the variables of error and is a resource burden. You want a somewhat controlled testing sample from trusted testers, not a sample of complete randomness in regards to the millions of different computer configurations out there, dealing with people who didn’t read the System Requirements, etc, etc. Beta testing needs to be a professional endeavor, and most people are just not professionals., it would be haywire for Steinberg to deal with public beta testing and would inevitably consist of them mostly giving people free lessons on how to use the program in response to thousands of misreported bugs.

Small company, big user base.

but honestly mate this thread is getting pretty annoying and I’m going to try and help you:
1.) Get rid of your HiDPI screen
2.) Use Cubase more, complains in Cubase forum less.

And on that, I be gone.

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Thanks for leaving, now I can really try to talk to someone at Steinberg.

Yeah, we are not totally happy with the VCA workflow either. It’s on our list, but other things have higher priorities right now.

Some users love, some hate it. There was the need to clean up the right click menu. Some users are asking for a customisation option, but that would be expensive. It’s on our list.

When the safe start dialogue appears then there is something wrong on your system and you should really try to find out what (or mostly which plug-in) is causing the trouble. Deactivating a warning signal isn’t the solution.

We are already testing solutions and there will be a fix. We didn’t change anything. Windows did.

Some issues are caused by specific system constellations, some by specific 3rd party plug-ins, some are already known but are not rated as show-stoppers. We do have a quite long alpha and beta testing phase. There were already a couple of alpha versions of the next Cubase version released. We are regularly contacting users from this forum to join the beta testing program. So it’s by invitation only since we want to make sure that we get high quality feedback, rather than high quantities. Public betas sound like a great thing, but they also generate a lot of useless, false or misleading information that need to be sorted out.

The bug fixes that are introduced in a .0 or .5 version are generated a long the way when the dev team is working in a specific area and most of those are fixes for the new features that the users don’t even know about. There isn’t just not that much to report in regards to fixes on a major release.

That is due to our distribution agreement with YAMAHA. Steinberg is distributing and supporting directly in Europe. YAMAHA is taking care of sales, distribution and local support in all other regions.