Dynamics: erase background issue


It seems that erasing the background of dynamics doesn’t take effect. See the gif below:

That does appear to be a bug. The background only stays hidden while the dynamic remains selected.

The Erase background property only erases barlines and staff lines; it is not intended to remove arpeggio lines or indeed any other kind of item.

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Ah! Thanks for the clarification. Probably could have discovered that on my own.

Too bad…

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Is it possible to add an option in engraving mode, that all the dynamics erase the background? Now you have to do manually for each dynamic and for a big project, that’s time consuming.

Also there should be an engraving option to set the distance between Dynamic intensity marking and following suffix. Most of the times, Dorico places the suffix too close to the intensity marking and I have to add a space in order to maintain a correct distance. Maybe that could be automatically changed with an engraving option.


There was a discussion about this last year.