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What has happened to the Help website? It’s totally changed and I am unable to simply find the webhelp for Dorico Pro. Where is it? What was wrong with the perfectly good old website?

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You can find the Dorico Pro 5 web manual here.

You can also navigate to it by using the Filters next to the search field on the landing page.

@Lillie_Harris It’s completely different. I dislike a lot.

Where can I download the PDF which we used to have? If I go the archive page it throws an error, not found or moved.

What caused this change? Did you survey any users? It’s really offputting.

And I have been logged out automatically and Stenberg has not sent me a password reset for hours. I doubt it is going to come.

Me too. and I cant remember my password. And the rests mail has not come and is looking unlikely.

From the public site, User Manuals, you find the new site, and in Archive:, you can find everything (also the most recent products) as before! :smiley:

Probably the old link should be redirected…

Oh yeah? This is what I get consistently;

For the Dorico Pro 5 manual at the location you mention.

Weird! I find this: from the last link, or this from the second one: Steinberg

I am in Australia. We are underprivileged convicts. Probably that’s why.

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Oh dear! I hope not! :astonished:

Fellow Doricians, I’m writing (as a user with no employment connection to Steinberg) to make an appeal for positive constructive feedback and generosity.

I think we’re all noticing the bumps along the way during the transition to the new online manual, as witnessed in several recent threads that contain helpful answers:

While I do think a pinned announcement (such as the recent Nuendo one) would have been a helpful addition to the forum, I also believe that all of us who have been in the forum for any length of time know full well just how dedicated @dspreadbury , @Lillie_Harris , and the entire Dorico team are to making our experience as good as they possibly can. I am confident that they are listening to our feedback and working thoughtfully to incorporate it when feasible as they iron out the “kinks” in the new manual.


And @Lillie_Harris , every link you or the team has posted to the new web help manual takes me to the change log (new features in 5.x X) not to the manual. At least on my phone, haven’t been home to test it on the computer yet…


This change in how to access the web manual is short sighted. I had to go through hoops of selections to get to this point:

and this from selecting this dropdown in Dorico Pro ( I actually chose “Dorico Help” - not “Show Help” :

It was useful - the dropdown menu took me to the webpage relevant to the version of Dorico I was using - now I get a nasty menu of choices that I have to wade through just to get to the first screenshot of this post.

Can this be fixed? (It NEEDS to be fixed.) - it was useful before (now it’s a chore).


p.s. - as an added injury to this insult, I’m offered the chance to ‘sign in’ (?), and when I attempt to do that I’m told I have ‘Invalid credentials’. Oddly, I’m using the same credentials I use for the forum.

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They’re aware of the issues and I’m sure they’re working on it. In the meanwhile, as had been mentioned above; save the following bookmark in your browser to directly access the manual. The search engine works very well here.

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@judddanby Well and good but I never saw any announcement or hint of discussion about this (unnecessary in my view) change. Not a whisper. I do usually read the announcements category. Perhaps I missed it.

And, it has logged me out and I can’t log in and I cant reset my forgotten password as the Steinberg page allowing one to do simply does not send a link, even after a day, and forget trying to contact Steinberg support (Yamaha in Australia) - that is an exercise in complete futility.

While I admire your cheery attitude, not everything is happy about this.

I still want to know what the point of changing is. The website for the manuals was perfectly clear and highly usable. It’s hard to give positive feedback as you would like me to for something that is mostly negative. Honestly, what advantage does this new manual website confer?

I use Dorico professionally very day, for quite a few years, but this sort of stuff makes me consider returning to Lilypond.

I would have been happy to have been invited to beta test this, speaking also as a professional website developer as well, myself. But no. Looks like no beta testing occurred, or the opinions of users were not considered important.

That’s all I’ll say, and I go back to not being able to find the manual, here in Australia, for whatever technical reason.

It’s been a common complaint ever since Dorico 2 had a manual, that clicking through search links goes to the wrong version of the manual, and that there ought to be some good way to get from the wrong page in the e.g. Dorico 4 manual to the right page in the Dorico 5 manual.

This functionality is now possible, for the first time.

This forum is a survey of what we users want, and users really have asked for this functionality repeatedly. See WebHelp and switching between manual versions or Accessing different versions of the manual for instance. See also this request, for instance, for a navigable contents in the left side, which the new manual has: How to download and use the PDF version of the Operation Manual

There was initially an Announcement, but it was swiftly removed as there was an SSL certificate problem with the new website that the team wanted to fix before formally announcing anything. For all I know it may be that that’s still preventing you from seeing the new site; I’m not sure.


Thanks for the link!
I’d assume clicking “Help” from within Dorico would bring you to this exact page, but alas, no…


It works for me. :man_shrugging:

Just to add that this isn’t a Dorico only issue, but it concerns every Steinberg Product.
Probably this topic should be moved to the public lounge.

As I mentioned in another thread, when you choose Help > Dorico Help inside Dorico, your destination in the new portal is equivalent to on the old portal: a page where you can see all the related manuals to your product (so you’ll see First Steps, the plug-in reference etc listed, not just the operation manual).

It’s possible that we could refine this selection further, by automatically filtering more precisely according to your version and variant. But it has been the case for some time that the Help menu inside the application took you to the page where you can easily access other documentation, not just the manual.

The sign-in button is not functional for users – apologies for the confusion.