Fail to upgrade from Dorico 3.5 to Dorico 4

Of course now I get this:

What to do?

Thanks! What’s the URL of the landing page? What browser are you using?

I am directed at this page (using Edge):

Thanks! Do you have an USB-eLicenser attached to your computer?

Yes. I had performed maintenance and obtained a prompt for the grace period update. But when I clicked on that prompt the browser opened to that page to say “Campaign ID missing”.

Thank you very much for your help @ebrooks . We are working on a fix now.

Same here.
Windows 10 - Firefox
Dorico 3.5 Pro - to 4 Pro
Dongle is attached on my computer.

same error as ebrooks
i will write a mail d dot spreadbury at…

you can DM me

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Just to say @Jonas_Baumbach has been incredible and solved the issue in a few minutes. Thank you so much!


Is there already a solution for the “403 forbidden” error?
I had sent Daniel an email with the eLCC screenshot, but he will probably be overwhelmed by a flood of emails right now - right?

I don’t know, but have you tried this? @P.A.T


I found this thread by chance a few minutes ago - and yes: the link worked!
Then I have already received the email with the Download code.
Thank you very much!


Hi Daniel,

So sorry to be a trouble but I’m having real problems. I have 3.5 pro and have purchased to 4 upgrade but the code I was emailed isn’t finding a license that can be upgraded. My 3.5 license is showing as non-upgradeable!

Very best

Same for me but with Elements 3,5 to Elements 4

It sounds like the DAC has activated successfully. Are you logged in as the same user in both Steinberg Download Assistant and Steinberg Activation Manager?

Hi @Limpan_K - could you describe the steps you’ve taken and what error message you’re seeing?

I believe so!

I activated my Dorico 3.5 license to upgrade Dorico 3 and got the message that my license was Grace Period eligible. When I followed the link I was taken to the Grace Period | Steinberg page but there is an error that says Error: Grace period campaign ID missing

Is there a different way to get Grace Period upgrade to work or need to wait for a fix.
Thanks for all the work you’re doing!

Hi @Ben_at_Steinberg

Started a couple of hours ago so I’ll see if I can remember.

I used the download code in the “Download Assistent” and it gives me the key code and directs me to the eLicenser and fills the code I press continue and get the messege:
“No License to upgrade selectable” and my Dorico Elements 3,5 License says “non-upgradeable”.

I’ve also activated the code in the “Steinber Activation Manager” and there I have an Activated Dorico elements 4 now.

Also when installing Dorico 4 from the Download Assistant I don’t get an Dorico 4 application. I still have the Dorico 3,5 application but not the 4 doesn’t appear.

Is the license for Dorico Element 4 visible in the Steinberg Activation Manager app?