FR : hiding faders in the mixer

As we have four occurrences of the mixer, I’d like to have one with no faders to have more room for the racks.


great request. +1

This sounds like a good idea.

I think the easiest way to implement that would be to simply allow the height of the fader section to be reduced right down to nothing (or near nothing). This would permit a variable amount of info to remain visible (like just the track name for example).

Perhaps you need to put this in the Feature Request section (if it still exists on this new forum).

This sounds like a good idea as well :grinning:

You better tag these post as “feature-request” and delete the other one
the new forum has more flexibility in this regard

It’s done : Hiding faders to get more room in the mixer

no I meant tag this post…feature request

Ok, I didn’t know that was possible, and I don’t know how it is possible.

you can add a tag to the nuendo-11 tag

Sorry, it seems I can’t do this anymore for this thread.

done :slight_smile:
you add it by editing the thread title

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Thx Doc, but I couldn’t access to the title edition. Or I missed something. I can do it to the other thread (probably because it as no answer).

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Maybe it would be a good idea to treat the fader area like a rack…
so we can change the look of all mixers

and we can decide what is shown

Absolutely, it’s probably the best way to achieve this.