Getting midi signal but no sound


I’m having a real hard time with the following. I have a Yamaha digital piano but I’m not getting any sound from it. It’s set up in Cubase and I’m getting midi notes recorded but they’re not making the sound of piano. I’m able to add samples to the midi notes, but I don’t want this. I want the sound of my actual digital piano. What am I missing here?


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It sounds like you need to record the audio outs from your piano as well. I guess the recodred MIDI notes could then be sent back to the piano to make it play.

Thanks for the reply! Isn’t the whole point of midi though being able to edit and manipulate the notes in Cubase? So if I just record it as an audio track, wouldn’t I lose that capability?

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Hi Brian,

You would end up with both. One layer being audio the other being the MIDI. I’m not sure in your case though. It sounds as though you need a way to monitor what is being recorded. There’s a quick tip here for external hardware:

Right you are.
First thing to check is that the MIDI Output of your recorded track is set to the port connected to your piano. Secondly, the MIDI channel must also match the channel your piano is listening to.
If you could, please post screenshots of your MIDI configuration in Studio Setup and the Inspector of your MIDI Track showing the MIDI I/O settings.

Yes! Thank you for responding. This is what I’m seeing on my end:

There is no output connected to your MIDI Track.

and here is where you find the MIDI configuration page I asked for:

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Hmm. There’s nothing to connect to when I click that drop down though (first pic). Would would be an example of what should be there? Studio monitors? I selected the Midi Port Setup per your request in the second image.

That is strange. There is a MIDI Out port in your system but it is not shown as an option when defining the midi output routing.

You could try to enable the option WinRT.
Maybe your device needs to use that.

The output port in your MIDI Port Setup does not appear to be set as visible. Try ticking that box.

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Still getting nothing. This is so frustrating! Feels like it should be so simple too.

Could you give us few more precisions ?

  1. OS used
  2. Audio (and eventually MIDI) interface used, as I see the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver set, but Arius as inputs/outputs as well as MIDI ports. So, does the piano can be used as an audio/interface, and if so, are you sure of the USB connection to the computer in which Cubase is working, this, additionaly to the MIDI/Audio ones ?
  3. Additionaly, are you sure that this one is activated in the Preferences ? It’s mandatory, when using a hardware MIDI sound source :

EDIT - An added one…
4. Do you have any activity in the Audio Performance panel (Studio > Audio perfomance - F12, by default) ?

This most likely because you still have not connected an output to your MIDI Track.
Please see my previous posts.

Thanks so much for responding. I think to mlib’s point, my issue might be that I don’t have an output for the midi, just an input. But the only option there is in the drop-down menu for the output is the arius (piano), which seems like it would be circular loop.

  1. I’m using Windows
  2. I don’t think the piano can record audio. I’m not totally sure, but it shouldn’t matter much anyway since it’s the midi that I’m trying to get to work.
  3. Midi thru active is checked
  4. The image is my audio performance right now


Do you know how I can add an output for the MIDI track? Right now it’s just connected via USB cable because that’s all there is on the piano.

I looked up ‘Arius piano and cubase’ on the web and found these threads:

Not sure if these apply or partly apply to you.

I think these two posts are describing the opposite problem I’m having. They wanted to be able to send a midi signal to Cubase and use sample instruments. I however figured out how to do that, I’m just trying to figure out how to send midi signals to my instrument AND have those signals capture the sound coming from my digital piano.

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There’s nothing to choose there though, per the image. What would an example of a MIDI output even be? Shouldn’t it just be my speakers or Cubase?