How to get number in front of staff?

Hi All,
Big step for me, minor challenge for you: how to get a number in front of a staff like in the example. Thanks, Antoine


Here are a couple of previous discussions on the topic, with a variety of methods you can explore :slight_smile:

Hi Lillie, Thanks. I found these posts but was kind of hoping that an easier solution was possible. Will wait for D6 :wink:

This is really easy to do though, as long as you don’t need the number before the system and rehearsal letters in the same project. I’m actually working on a file where I use this right now. In Engraving Options / Rehearsal Letters:

Sequence Type: Numbers
Custom Suffix: .
Position of rehearsal mark at start of system: Left-aligned with systemic barline
Horizontal offset for ^^^: I use -3.5 spaces, but this will depend on your font
Minimum distance outside staff: I use -3, but again will depend on your font and the look you want.

After all that is set I get this with no manual editing at all:

(Currently revising my notation handout for student transcriptions before the semester starts.)