Shift + Mousewheel / Horizontal Scroll is inverted?

I use the Shift+Mousewheel to scroll horizontally in my projects but somehow Nuendo has this feature inverted to all other applications on the planet? :laughing:
It feels very counter intuitive, is there a checkbox I’ve missed somewhere?


Are you on Mac or PC?

My Workaround on Mac is with a little Software calles “SteerMouse”
You can change scrolling directions horizontal & vertical.

I’m on PC. I just hope they fix this, or at least give an option to change this since it’s just backwards now.



One of my biggest problems with Nuendo/Cubase is that you cannot adjust your mousewheel settings.

Scroll directions should be invertable. While you’re at it - let us use the mousewheel to zoom vertically already!


Steinberg, fix it!!!


Steinberg, fix it!!!




Sorry very off topic but with Steermouse are you still able to scroll within your VST’s? For some reason I’m unable to scroll in any VST and plugin instances when I have my Nuendo profile loaded in steermouse.

This is one of the hardest things to get used to coming from other DAW’s. I’d love to zoom vertically with my mouse wheel.