If your Cubase 11 license shows "not upgradeable" it means your update has completed OK

You can check this by opening Steinberg Activation Manager and looking for your Cubase 12 license and ensuring that it no longer says “pending verification”.

(I know many of you are still waiting for the eLicenser servers to recover to complete this process - please bear with us as this should be the last time we’re bottleneck by our previous licensing technology)


Not for me.

eLCC shows the C11 is “not upgradeable”, Authorization Manager shows that I’ve activated C12, but Download Assistant after accepting the code I received via e-mail won’t show C12 for download, because …it can’t upgrade the C11 license because it’s not upgradeable :man_facepalming:

I hope the problem is that eLCC fails to complete 1st and 6th step or just the 6th step and when I wake up tomorrow maybe it’ll work :frowning:


Cubase 12 should be downloadable in SDA without it appearing in the “my downloadable products”.

From a licensing perspective it sounds like you’re ready to go.


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It’s how it is on mine, but will v12 move to “my product downloads” later on as it should do, to show the licenced products I own?

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I’d have to check with the SDA team, but I’d expect that this will be sorted out over time and shouldn’t impede your ability to download or use Cubase 12.

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I’m having the same problem (eLCC shows the C11 is “not upgradeable”) and sent a support ticket. I hope this fix doesn’t take long.
Update: Cubase Pro 12 has loaded even though the elicenser says C11 is not upgradeable. If it’s not on my elicenser where is the license stored?

Hello my question is can I upgrade cubase 11 pro to 12? thank you.


I used acitivation centre to retrieve free upgrade code then used this in download centre but the elinceser stalled so the process was left pending. I did a recovery as the elicnser suggested and that left me with a non upgradeable cubase11 in my account with the same serial I had just entered to upgrade my old c11 to c12!!! WTF is going on?

SAM shows C12 is already registered, but eLCC shows I still have 25h left for all applications from Steinberg ,
that way, Im not sure if the activation of c12 is ok for me :sob:

Yes, Cubase Pro 12is showing in the Steinberg activation manager. But not into My Steinberg account Page on website nor in any other Steinberg’s softwares like elicenser Control Center, Steinberg Download Assistant My Products Section…What type of activation is it ? Now while checking into My Steinberg account it is showing for Cubase Pro 11 that the product is activated on 3/3/2022 but I have activated it last on 12th December 2021…If I want to change My SSD or reformat My PC how will I reactivate it? & how will I upgrade to any future version of Cubase if it will not show it in the eLicenser Control Panel for the activation code…

My sign in refuses to work so SAM won’t open…it stays stuck after opening the webpage and does nothing…

Use Your login details to sign in first then on the top of the left corner You will get the icon to check for the grace period checkup option

Hello, does cubase12 need a dongle to activate? Because I bought a cubase11pro before, I just registered on my account on Steinberg’s official website, but I didn’t activate it. How can I upgrade to cubase12?

No, you don’t need the dongle. Just enter the Download Access Code (DAC) into the Steinberg Download Assistant and follow the instructions.

Yes. That works indeed - I could download it despite not “owning” it according to SDA and it runs just fine! Thak you!!! :+1:

Now another question is can I just uninstall v11 Pro and everything will continue to work (my settings, keyboard shortcuts, templates, plugin paths & thumbnails, etc)? I never upgraded before, so I’ve no idea how safe this process is. Perhaps I should hunt down all the preference files and back them up just in case?

I Uninstalled SAM & Cubase 12…reinstalled
Still got the license error (No eligible upgrade etc…) but SAM now launched correctly and 12 shows as installed…

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Well that was scary. Being a click now think later sort of a person, following my nose, I bought the upgrade, downloaded from the screen so installed Download Assistant. No 12 in my box but as it was there in other products I simply downloaded from the Artist 12 link.

Knowing there was a new licensing, I then started Cubase and it of course failed and I clicked the link on what to do. That prompted me to check my email and I put the activation code into Download Assistant. That started things grinding and whirring and up popped the eLicencer. I clicked on my 11 licence and it sat there a long time then apparently failed, suggesting I try again. I tried again, and there was no licence to upgrade. Fortunately, as I mentioned I’m a blindly clicking sort of a guy and I tried running Cubase 12, and off it went.

So not the smoothest of experiences, but it worked.

Only real complaint is that it didn’t upgrade the settings so I had to go and play with my colour scheme and a couple of other things.