'Import Tracks from Project' loses input assignments

When I “Import Tracks from Project” I lose the input assignments of the imported tracks, even when importing from projects that used the same template etc. What’s going on here? Surely it should retain the inputs!

Same experience here, this is infuriating during a tracking session and makes the function fairly useless in it’s current state. Will email Steinberg and expect a response in 2-3 months!

Yeah, as a workaround (not convenient for most situations) you can use “export selected tracks” (which allows folder tracks now) from the session with the tracks you need. When you import those into a session, the input assignments are retained. But this is not convenient. Please Fix!

Hi Graveley, Yes I’ve used this workaround in the past, but usually forget to export and then have to close, reopen export, close, reopen import. Not a great workflow. I hope they sort this out.

I also hope they make utility tracks available to import (“from project”), such as the tempo and time signature tracks. Exporting tempo tracks for every file separately is just extra zombie work that could be slimmed down.

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Working on a 24 input band session today and this always affects me also. Even thought I first recal the same track input preset on the new project first before I ‘Import Tracks from Project’ the tracks that are imported will still have their inputs not assigned.

For new Projects it might be wiser to save a Nuendo Template anyway.

… but apart from that the poor Track Import implementation is quite annoying indeed.

[Bug] "Import Tracks from Project" destroys routing

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Developers are working on a fix.
For now, import to new tracks and copy/paste the content into your template.