Insert Plugin Rename feature

I’ve encountered a very inconvenient problem while mixing and mastering tracks in Cubase. Each time I open channel settings, in the list of inserts I see similar plugins that are responsible for different purposes, i.e. 2 identical equalizers, 1 of which is for sidechaining and another one is for cleaning unnecessary frequencies, etc. and I cannot rename them to see what each insert does what.
Lots of people from Steinberg Forum (even since Cubase 10!) encountered a similar issue when they cannot rename the plugins on Inserts to have the project even more organized. From my understanding and some experience in programming, I understand that this feature will not be too hard of a task to implement it in the future updates.
If possible, can you please make it as a free update for Cubase 13, at least for the pro version?

The community will really appreciate this gesture.


We’ve been asking for this for years.

Steinberg seems to make a point of ignoring anything we mention here, which is fun.


One EASY step that could be done by Steinberg is allow us to use the VST plugin Manager to add a column with User-Defined-Name to FX and VSTis.

So we could rename offending plugins such as : “AmazingCompanyFantasticCompressorHQX123”

Non-renamed plugins use default name. Done.
Does not solve renaming within each projects, but would help already.
For your specific issue, perhaps an alternative is to consider using different EQs for different purposes, adapt your workflow.

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