[ISSUE] Generic Remote is missing lots of Values/Actions

Hello all,
I’m puzzeled by this :

I’m setting up a generic remote controller to control mainly all I can on a “Selected” audio channel (Eq, Sends, Strip…) and there is something wrong here.

There is no way to find values/actions like high/low cut filters and so many other switches/knobs…so I was thinking that these features were deliberately left out for an unknown reason to me…BUT,
if I assign my low cut filter frequency to Quick Controls (right click on the LC knob) AND my quick controls are setup on the very same midi controller I’m using as generic remote,
if I open my generic remote editor again, what do I see in the value/action column instead of “quickcontrols:quickcontrols1” :

I see it there written in all letters : “input filter LC-Freq” !!!

This means that this value/action exist and is just plain MISSING in the generic remote editor drop down menu under “VST Mixer”

What the heck ?

The same exact thing happens for any missing action/value like all STRIP parameters that do not appear in the generic remote editor BUT appear in all letters IF you assign them to a quick control !

Any chance that this be adressed ?


I’m asking for this since June 2010 (in old forum).
That was the time where Steinberg stopped implementing new features to the generic remote.




I’m missing those values and actions, too!
Quickcontrols are also incomplete.
Let’s hope this woll be fixed soon!


Also, previously implemented functions such as “tempo” have recently dissapeared with the C7 / N6 release.
I have recently started exploring Digital Performer and I am blown away by the comprehensive OSC support. I think it’s time for Steinberg to start investing in the remote support area again.


Also click level on Cue Mixes…please…




Sure!!! +1