Major Render issues in Cubase

Two devastating render issues here:

  1. A comped track plays as it should. Then after rendering, events that were not brought to front (ie. they should be inaudible) become audible. This is clearly a departure from the comped section, which occurs after rendering.

(Edit: #1 referred to Render In Place but it also occurs after using ‘Bounce’ audio, which is really just another render operation).

  1. After render operations Program audio is muted - some tracks, some tracks aren’t. Close and reopen project (more life wasted), and guess what - the audio magically reappears. But double guess what? The frikken mix is NOT RETAINED!!!


These issues evaporate the days. Work is destroyed. The set backs cost time and money and a huge amount of stress.

Please read the issues and understand how pivotal it is for a DAW to not have these kinds of issues.

Wow. Just registered so I can follow this. Seems major.

More examples on issue #2

This sucks man. I’ve lost time and work because of this, especially when I was working in with solo edits and unaware what had even happened after a render.

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Issue #1 confirmed as well by @cubic13

What has Steinberg said about this?

Let’s see

No system specs?
It is mandatory information for serious bug reports.

Why do we have to ask it again and again?

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Because I always want to assess whether other users experience the same problem first, which is more important before drilling down on specs. Especially for a major issue as - Render is broken.

Mac OS Ventura 13.4, M2 Max

PS. Other users who have confirmed these problems include Windows users.

Thanks, but I’m wondering do all users have this problem?

I don’t have an answer to that. Reported by both Mac and Windows users, and given the nature - that Render can’t be used reliably - it’s pretty major.

Why don’t you test it with your setup?

Tested issue #1 again on a brand new project, this time using ‘bounce audio’. Same result.

Pre-bounce comp:

Post-bounce erroneous result not honouring the comp:

another user confirmed:

Thanks, I’m on Cubase 12 Pro, following this to see if I should activate the C13 I’ve bought, or just wait.

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