Minimum Track Height crops content of Automation and Take Lanes


There is an issue where Automation and Take Lanes names and controls get cropped when the Track Height is set to its minimum.

Here are some self-explanatory images :

Third track height : (no issue)

track height bug 1

Second track height : (no issue)

track height bug 2

Minimum track height : (content of Automation and Take Lanes gets cropped)

track height bug 3

Also note that the names and controls of Automation and Take Lanes are already not centered compared to every other standard tracks (especially the take lanes ones), which becomes more obvious when we look at the second track height, and they keep that same upper offset when we reduce the track height to its minimum.
So we need both the crop AND the offset to be fixed.

Added to the issues list, number 35.

Still present with 12.0.40

Actually I never used minimum track height because of that.
So according to you, would the fixed minimum track height be a shrinked second track height, so that you still see everything, but withtout empty space above and below?

Yeah, just like the main tracks.
It’s just a few values to adjust in the code so the assets land on the right place :joy:
I used to make some basic programs on my calculator when I was at school, I could place text wherever I want on the screen by just setting X and Y positions, so there’s 99% chance it works the same with Cubase :laughing:

(note that the track type icon should be centered too at minimum height)

Huh, I don’t think it’s that easy. These elements are usually aligned at the top, which makes absolutely sense (think about if you have tracks with different track heights, manually adjusted. Having them aligned at the top is visually more coherent).
So to solve this, you would need to switch to a vertically centered alignment depending on the track height. Or have scalable fonts/widgets.
The easy solution would be to just make the minimum track height large enough so it doesn’t look as ugly as now :smile:

Your post is a bit confusing to me :sweat_smile: I’m not asking to center the assets vertically for each track height (that would be mad ugly imo), they already are aligned at the top and of course that makes sense.

Just that the main tracks do that already, assets have separate positions for the minimum height since they become centered. They just have to do that with the lanes too.
Currently, the assets for the Lanes have the same position for every track height, so when we set it to the minimum they get cropped. I believe the position is based on the top-left corner of the track/lane, so they just need to adjust these values. This makes sense when we look at the images.

You mean reduce the top margin if the track height is below a threshold. Yeah, that would work, but it still would look ugly, wouldn’t it, as the elements just don’t really fit in the track height. Even the m/s buttons and the font in the main lane are cropped.
And nothing in programming is easy or as easy as it looks on first glance, in my experience :wink: How often have I thought, “Ah, that will be simple”, and then some hours later I’m utterly frustrated, because it doesn’t quite work as expected, or I missed some detail, or some unexpected side effect ladeda… :crazy_face:

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Well, yeah. They could simply remove this ugly minimum track height and keep the one just above as the lowest one (and fix the upper offset :crazy_face:). That wouldn’t hurt.
My programming skills stop to Casio BASIC And, Or, Then :smile:

imo, The tiny track is useful for some people, so removing a feature for the reasons above would not be useful, and hopefully would not be done.

Yes that’s true, so they need to fix the alignment.