Mouse wheel smooth scrolling request.

Scrolling vertically and horizontally through the edit windows, but also for all other windows, jumps in big steps instead to be smooth.
In this way I get totally lost by scrolling.
In every other application such as a browser or even another DAW scrolling is smooth.
I hope you can fix this! Thank you.

That would be a very welcome feature.
I’d say; mimic this resolution from Nuage’s scrollwheel; this scrollwhell let’s you step through (and edit) the project on a very detailed level, or on a coarse level…This resolution just differs when one -simply- makes a small or a big movement.
Quite logical nowadays.


Niek/ Amsterdam.

I really don’t understand why nobody complains about it. It’s boring, when scrolling through content it’s very easy to get lost. Every other software, app, browser, finder, viewer, really the entire computer world has a smooth scrolling, Why Nuendo no?


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Steinberg, just add an option in Nuendo preferences for us. If it can’t be done, please let us know why and stop ignoring us!

Please note how many posts are here about smooth scrolling problems on macOS, please fix it!

I’ll be writing about it everywhere! And stop writing back in such a rude way, I pay for updates every year:

The reported message is off topic. Duplicated. I think you made your point. No need to Spam every topic about scrolling…

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Steinberg, how do you treat your customers? Why?!


why not scroll = smooth scroll
and scroll + Alt = big scroll ?


Small tip if someone doesn’t know it: if your mouse have additional left-right function of its wheel it works like horizontal scroll. But we really need certain improvements in mouse managing! So +1!