My alternative device to the CC121 after the production has ceased

After I bought Cubase, I was looking for a controller for a long time. It should be small and compact, with motofader, “AI-Knob”, footswitch and fit well with Cubase. I found the CC121 good, but with the EQ-section it was a bit too overloaded for me.
Then just before I was going to buy the CC121, Steinberg stopped selling it.

After that, Cubase was upgraded with MIDI Remote.

Now I found out, that for the PreSonus FaderPort V2 a user (Cubase-forum-user WEM) has programmed a highly professional script, so that the PreSonus FaderPort V2 fits Cubase (in my opinion) practically as well as the CC121. For the fact, that it doesn’t have an EQ section, the PreSonus FaderPort V2 is a bit smaller und not expensive.

So, for those of you, who aren’t sure, which controller to buy, pay attention to what the PreSonus FaderPort V2 can do with this special script from WEM. He has also a website, where you can make downloads. I am very satisfied.

This is a link here in the Cubase-forum:
PreSonus FaderPort 2 (2018) midi remote script - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Thanks Steinberg, with MIDI Remote I found my way. :innocent:

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Thank you, @CKB. Very helpful post. I will definitely check out the PreSonus FaderPort V2 and the link to the midi remote script.