Negative track delay causes MIDI dropouts

This is what the MIDI data looks like:

This is what the MIDI monitor shows:

Observe that the velocity is randomly 65 instead of 127 (which is the correct value).

This happens when using a negative value on Track Delay. When setting to 0, playback is normal.

  • This is a bug. And it’s been around for quite a while now, so it’s time Steinberg fixes this. It works in all other DAWs that has this feature.

  • It’s unrelated to the tempo and frequency of the notes. Even in slow tempos, this happens.

  • It’s a required feature for anyone working with media- or game composition. “Moving the notes back” instead of using negative delay completely destroys the purpose of even running Cubendo in this field of work. This is a deal breaker for me and will require me to (once again) move to another DAW if it’s not fixed.

  • External clock source doesn’t affect the result.

  • Even in Direct Offline Processing, Nuendo will print this error into the audio file.

Issue has been reproduced by multiple users, found here (among other places):

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