New forums voting system + optional tags questions

I am not sure in what category this post falls trough (and since i did not find a dedicated one I post it in the sub-forum i am most familiar with please feel free to move it).

I have 2 questions about the new forum.

1 - how does the voting system work? I started voting for some issues but at some point it turns out i do not have any more vote available. Is it time based or there is an absolute number of votes per person? It seems to be a very useful feature to prioritize requests if users would be aware of it and ofc entitled to express themselves MORE trough voting (also I find it a bit unfair to UN-VOTE something I care about to VOTE something else I care equally at the end the issues with more votes should win anyway…).

2- I find the optional tags very useful (although a bit restrictive) to find the issues. It is restrictive because you cannot add new ones but at the same time I noticed there are 2 entries issue and issues what is the difference?

Thank you!

(moved to the lounge :slight_smile: )

The forum is fairly new - and things are still settling down.

I believe you have 10 votes in total - but can’t find anything in the FAQs to back this up …how many votes have you used (you can see in your user preferences) ?

The tags are another work in progress - yes there are a few quirks and oddities, they will straighten out in time. Re: isssue/issues …one has 12,000 uses and the other seems to have none - so pick the popular one :slight_smile:

Hehe oki, thanks for moving my post I read all the sections ans saw the lounge but was not sure it was the correct place.

I understand the forum is pretty new so that’s fine.
Regarding the votes (it seems) I used just 4 and it tells me that I reached the limit.

Thank you!

Voting for feature requests seems like “a bad idea” after all (although I’ve done it for requests that I deem priorities), because if you follow the link and read about votes, they are returned when a topic closes. So we’ll see how that pans out, because I’ve yet to see a feature request “closed”.

  1. #issues has 0 topics. #issue over 12.000. I think that’s the one we’re supposed to be using.

Edit: In case somebody wonders why I copy pasted Dr.Strangelove’s response, I didn’t. Creepy coincidence.

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I’m not at all convinced that the voting system is to be take too seriously. I think it very unlikely that Steinberg will use them for prioritising fixes or feature requests. I would treat it more casually than you are suggesting. I see it as a ‘like’ with more emphasis…

You have to remember that, technically, this is a user forum - even though SB staff do post from time to time.

I see thank you and I understand how the voting system may seems not appropriate in this context.
The fact is that this forums includes help posts and a mix of issues, feature requests.
In other communities for examples Autodesk they have an “Idea Board” where users post just about features and issues, with meaningful titles and description. Voting in that case becomes relevant and offers to the developers a clear direction to go into prioritizing the issues.

For example lot of people are annoyed at the small scrollbar width but no one votes on that.
In some cases the post title is “weird” (see Skinny Scrollbars Stinks how can you even expect that a developer takes you seriously?) in some other cases have a post but no one votes on them, so it slips away and maybe developers will invest money on making a new colored grid rather than fixing a very small (literally) irritant such as the tiny scrollbars.

This is just one example (I am a tool developer myself so I am on both sides of the field as user and as a programmer) I understand how tricky is to make everyone happy and especially with a huge (and i suppose very old) code-base such as Cubase but still know in what direction to go is always beneficial for everyone.

Ok so I am posting here because I love Cubase and there is no other DAW for me.
I would like to help to make the user experience better, what should I do?

I think the vote is just a visibility boost in our current situation. I don’t see how else it helps our semi-permanent discussions. The vote is perfect if we made a thread “Beer tonight.” Everyone who wants beer votes, we go, topic closed, vote’s returned.

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@powernemo - great that you want to help out :+1:

Just stick around and help in anyway you can - answer or ask whatever questions you think relevant. There is a huge range of experience and skill levels here. It’s important everyone has a voice.

I’m finding the more I (try to!) help the more I actually learn

As long as everything is civil then I don’t think you need to worry about ‘doing the wrong thing’…just post away.


@Ben_at_Steinberg Would it be possible and/or make sense to disable the discourse voting system for the Steinberg forums, if it doesn’t serve a meaningful purpose?

Each product owner had the choice whether to enable the voting feature for their categories. In the new year, I’ll follow up with them about how they plan to use the feature. In the meantime it should easy enough to ignore.

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