Open Project in Last Used View - please explain

Cubase Pro 8.0.20
I’ve been trying to reopen projects so that the zoom settings are the same as when they were saved.
No matter what I try, a project always opens with the zoom settings of the last opened project. I’ve posted about this, and several people have confirmed the problem.

I thought it was a bug, but I’ve now noticed the new Preference in Cubase 8 Pro - Open Project in Last Used View. But, no matter what option I choose, a project always opens with the previous project’s zoom settings.

Has anyone got this working correctly?
Do I have to combine the Preference option with a Project Workspace for each project?

Thanks for your help.

For me (running CB on Windows)… sometimes it works, sometimes not. Usually not.

Regardless, check out this thread and look at the 3rd post for some settings to try.

Let us know if any of the options work for you. Thanks :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Prock - Thanks for the quick reply.
I’ve read the 3rd post and tried using Never and External Projects Only. No luck.

After reading suntower’s first post, I tried opening two projects and then switched between the two using the Activate button. The different zoom settings for each project were retained, but I still had to correct the zoom settings when I first loaded them.

I’ve looked at:
~Library/Prefences/Cubase 8/UserPreferences.xml
The file is updated when the preference is changed in Cubase:


Only External Projects


This seems to indicate that the Preference drop-down box is working correctly, but that the Cubase program is ignoring the numbers.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry it’s not working for you either. :frowning:

I guess it is some kind of bug but, if it was a bug I would think that more users would “bug” Steinberg about it. I don’t see much activity. :question:

Based on the CB operation manual instructions, I can’t tell if these preference settings are for the purpose we think they are for. So, a bug… I’m not sure. Might be a “feature request” which, as you know, has been submitted.

Someone from Steinberg please comment here to let us know if it is a bug or not.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock - Lots of good ideas.

Yes - not much activity.
I suppose many users spend hours (days!!!) on one project, so the problem is not that annoying.

I had some success by:

  1. Open Project in Last Used View - Never
  2. Creating a Project Workspace in each project before saving.

Does not work perfectly.
If I change the zoom settings and I want to keep them, I have to remember to update the workspace before saving,
The timebase settings in the ruler are not saved.

Cubase 8 has a new Default Project Workspace. This causes a problem.
Each time a project is closed, the Default Project Workspace.xml file in Cubase 8/Preferences is saved. The next project reads this file, so the zoom settings are based on the previous project.

I tried this:

  1. Open Project in Last Used View - Always
  2. Open Project 1.
  3. Workspace/No Workspace.
  4. Zoom the project as required.
  5. Save and close the project.
  6. Delete the Workspace.xml file in Cubase 8/Preferences.
  7. Open Project 2 - Zoom the project as required - Save and close it.
  8. Delete the Workspace.xml file in Cubase 8/Preferences.
  9. Open Project 1 - the zoom AND ruler timebase are correct!!!

Obviously, it’s inconvenient to keep deleting the Default Project Workspace.xml every time, but here’s a solution:
I use a Mac macro program called Keyboard Maestro. I set up a macro which checks for Default Project Workspace.xml. If it exists, the macro deletes it.
It checks every second, but this doesn’t seem to cause Cubase any problems.