Every time I work on a session Cubase 8-8.5 gets to the point where it stops loading plugins.? I try to insert a plugin and nothing happens.
I can copy a plugin from on channel to another with no issues once the problem starts
Some plugins will load but it is random from session to session once this problem starts
Even my UAD plugins stop loading which leads me to think its not be CPU related.
Sometimes I will open a session I have been working on and some plugins which were previously loaded into inserts have now vanished.
This is highly concerning.
Anyone else experiencing this?

ADK 1Q-express Laptop
i7 3740QM @ 2.7GHZ
16gig ram
win 7 Pro 64bit

Prism Lyra 2

Having the exact same problem with cubase 6.07 64bit. The results are exactly the same on 7.5.

The asio meter is not in the red and my my cpu and ram usage is fairly low but for some reason I can’t load anymore plugins except those already in use in my session and cubase stock plugins. Also sometimes I will open a session and some plugins have vanished.

Any plausible explanations regarding this issue ?

I think everyone is having this problem. This is not an isolated incident. Some forums have up to 50 users reporting absolutely identical conditions which variations from basic computers to high end power machines with exorbitant amounts of Ram and high end graphics accelerators.

We keep posting the issue, but there seems to be NO RESPONSE from Steinberg.

So we will just ask again. DO YOU GUYS HAVE A SOLUTION FOR THIS?


further discussions:

Some work on our side is done (but still ongoing). Plug-in developers will need to load runtime libraries differently in order to fully resolve this.

Hi Fabio. To what extent was it able to be solved from your side? Do most of the plugins need to be recoded or only a subset?

Hi, on our side there was a lowering of the slots used by various components (don’t have the full details), but 9 has added functionality that kind of ‘compensated’ for that, so there is not much of a difference on the practical side.
Work is ongoing.
As for the plug-ins, there are developers who already use dynamically linked libraries and developers who use a low amount of slots. It’s mostly devs using several slots per instance that need to change. I do believe these received notification from our engineers.

Alright, thank you for answering.

A list of those using several slots would be very helpful so we can avoid them or use with caution on heavy projects

It would be nice if Cubase could list the amount of available slots somewhere, and detect when we run out.

That would be a great idea! If the amount of slots is actually static?
Interesting post from Cakewalk’s CTO in their forum
“In SONAR you would have to have at least about 64 unique plugins that statically linked before you saw a problem”

Thanks for linking that post, a good one I was unaware of.

This problem is still an issue with Cubase 9.5!
Please, Steinberg - I have raised a ticket, too.
Help us with this workflow killer!

Can we please resolve this issue…it has been affecting me for 2 years now. I’m stuck on an old version of Cubase because this is STILL a workflow problem.

Please read the other discussions on this problem. The issue is caused by the plugin developers and Steinberg can’t do much to fully solve this.

Cubase 9.5.10 (coming soon) and future updates will be able to load more plugins, but again it’s up to the plugin developers to really make the issue go away.

how do you know that 9.5.10 and future will be able to load more plugins?