Projects colors - anyone willing to share theirs?

I like to use a different colour for most different tracks, and I find Cubase’s default set to be too little. I know I can make my own to add to it, but to save time I was wondering if anyone had a project they were willing to share which had lots of project colours set up which I could then save as my default project colour set?


I found this helpful.

Thanks for the link, but i’m looking for a bit more variation in hue rather than just shade.

I felt Live had enough different colours for example:

Here are pastels.

There is also the combination of pastels and Irlos.

I don’t think it gets much better than that…at least for myself.

Actually these large color assortments manifest another “issue” with Cubase which is the way they are selected. From the inspector the color choices go “off the screen.” From the color menu, you have to scroll up/down.

Anyone know of a better solution?

When it goes off the screen in the mixer (inspector) window, I can’t access the rest. It keeps going past the edge of my screen. Using the arrow keys doesn’t scroll it like it does in the color menu going up or down. Therefore I can’t see what I’m selecting once I go off the screen.

Same here.

With the larger color libraries using the color function from the inspector it’s unusable. Is there a solution?
With the larger color libraries using the color function from the tool bar is “clunky” but at least usable.

I decided just to make my own:

Here’s the project if anyone wants them:!FwJS3BCK!5wJS98pFrP5mDoxeLoyikObuYqHwe3z6lGVRS8pHdbM