Question regarding Steinberg's approach to the atidxx64.dll crashes


Several AMD graphics card related crashes have been reported on this forum (see below). It always occures in atidxx64.dll and is easily reproducable by resizing a window within Cubase (crashes on me every single time). It seems that this issue was introduced by a recently released AMD graphics card driver. After downgrading to an older driver (“win10-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-edition-20.8.1-aug4”) the problem is completely gone.
I kindly ask what Steinberg’s approach to this is, because the reaction to almost every report was “the crash is in the graphics card driver, completely outside of Cubase”, which implies that there is no intention to fix this from Steinberg’s side. So is there any intention of collaborating with AMD to fix this? Cubase is the ONLY program to ever crash on me because of this error (or did other programs crash for someone too? Would be interesting to know).
I mean it can’t be a solution to never update my graphics gard driver again? Or would the alternative to this be to declare Cubase incompatible with AMD Radeon graphics cards? I would love to hear from you regarding this, as this seems to be affecting a lot of users and is a rather severe bug. I love Cubase and I love my RX 5700.

Just a few reports of this crash:

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hi vocux - welcome to the forum :+1:

It’s unlikely that SB will respond on this forum to this kind of question. Your right in saying that the reaction will almost certainly that SB will say AMD need to fix it…and I think that’s probably correct.

The graphics driver should never crash and if it does then SB can’t fix it, they don’t have access to the code…and they can’t anticipate what bugs are going to come into later versions.

Personally I’d find a working driver and stick to it !

Hey, thanks for your response!

I totally get that this is a problem within the graphics card driver and that Steinberg is probably not to blame, however think of it from a customer’s standpoint: Cubase (and only Cubase) is crashing to the point it becomes unusable. As a customer I might not care where the problem exactly lies, I just want to use the program. I mean this is not an issue regarding some very niche plugin, this could affect anyone with an AMD card.
So I beg to differ and suggest that at least keeping your customers informed regarding what they know about this and what’s being done about it would be great customer service. Wouldn’t you expect this from any other developer / company in a similar situation? :slight_smile:

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We don’t know for sure that it’s only Cubase ? and we don’t actually know how many people are affected ?

You’re right of course, the customer doesn’t care, but what can Steinberg do ? They may be well aware of the issue and be working to resolve it but they probably won’t comment. There plenty of bugs and issues that ARE in Steinberg code that they are working to fix - so you can understand it they won’t work around bugs in very SPECIFIC 3rd party drivers - especially if alternative drivers work.

Even if they did find a workaround, AMD might break it again in the next release.

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Google thinks you’re not alone ?


My issue thread was deleted, so I just want to mention that I was able to secure the older radeon install program and it did resolve the problem–so a big thanks here for those who figured out a work-around… Other options would have involved spending money. I will report that Cubase does import musicxml just fine, the crash was because the musicxml import process apparently re-sized the window as it ran. The comments here about Steinberg’s response are well taken and I note that Dorico, and really all my other programs, did not crash when window resizing.

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I just installed the latest cubase 11 patch (11.0.20), and the latest AMD drivers, and the crashing upon window re-size appears to be resolved. Maybe some others can try and see if that is the case.

I have similar problems, but with Atig6txx.dll. Reboot solves it, but then Cubase clashes with VLC as well.
Scratching my head and getting frustrated