Render in Place track naming - Do NOT name from the output

I realize there are a few posts about this and at least one feature request post but there are no votes! The current implementation is such a time waster.

Lets say you have multiple drum tracks. Kick, Snare, Hat, etc.
You wish to render out the tracks using the “Complete signal path” setting all as separate tracks.

In my view, common sense leads me to assume the newly created files would be named after the original track names, BUT Cubase always names them after the master out.

This means after rendering, I must spend a huge chunk of time renaming each track before moving on to mixing.

I found threads from 2017 on this!
If this annoys you PLEASE VOTE for this as a feature request. It does not seem to get the attention it needs.

Thanks for taking the time.

How do you render files? Which method you are using? And which edition of Cubase?

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I’m 100% up to date. Version 12.0.70

I’m using Render in Place in the Edit menu. This is when trying to render more than 1 track at a time.
Of course, if I check “File Name Settings” all files will be rendered with that 1 name.

In my humble opinion, it would be more intuitive to have an option for the new rendered tracks to be named from the original track names.

The tool tip seems to suggest that is how it should work.

“If checked, the track and files names of the rendered selection will be derived from the track and event names”

Here are other posts dating back as far as from 2015.

Probably best to use the “Export Audio Mixdown” for this.

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Yes, but why does it function this way? It’s ridiculous. There are absolutely ZERO use cases for this.

This is what I do in ALL cases.

I don’t get it. I guess the majority of users don’t render this way?
I’m shocked.

Unfortunately, export does not have nearly the same flexibility as Render in Place.

More flexibility?
But it depends on the task, as always.

See the pic attached. You don’t have these options with export.

Render in place is very powerful. Just needs some more options and a better naming scheme. But I would be happy for now if the tracks would just keep their track names in place after rendering is complete.

Yes, indeed it is.


But it works as expected on my system and in my workflow.
I never use the options “Complete signal path” and “Complete Signal Path + Master FX”.

So wait…on your system, if you render for example, 4 tracks (all with different names). the newly rendered tracks retain the names of the tracks in question?

If so, why are so many others having the same issue as me?

Why do you think I render tracks? I just use render in place for events.

Different use scenario for me.

While we’re on topic… Render In Place does not work properly if direct output other than first is the active one

That is not the point, if “it works in your workflow”. That’s not what we’re discussing. I too have use cases where I don’t need the full signal path (just printing an external instrument), but cases where I absolutely need the full signal path (i.e exporting a full routed chain of sound effects that has been processed through the master).

The point is that IF we render the full signal path, the naming scheme is complete garbage. It makes absolutely no sense rendering the name of the last output channel, creating one million tracks with the exact same name.