REQUEST: Handles for ON-OFF automation on Range selection tool

Hello guys,

I am working on various projects where it is necessary to write the automation for activation and deactivation of some plugins present in the INSERT slot.
Unlike the automation of controls such as volume or other continuous value parameters, for the automations on ON-OFF parameters the Range selection does not allow any intervention on the automation lanes, while if you select lanes with continuous controls it is possible to select and modify with the handles appearing.
My request is that it may also be possible for the automation parameters on-off to avoid having to play on the various points of the song or having to manually write on each lane.
Thank you

Very confused…
Reading the manual on automation could help.

yes, the manual doesn’t help and doesn’t reply to my request that in this case is a feature request.

I was trying to say that I don’t understand the request…

If you hover the mouse over a parameter lane, it changes to the pencil tool and you can draw automation points without playing anything.

If you look at the screenshot and read the post again, you might understand.
He is talking about the range selection tool.

Right now it is not possible to change ON/OFF automation values with the range selection tool, whereas it is perfectly possible with PAN/VOLUME/etc. automation.

This would be great, as I use the range selection tool mainly for automation changes. +1

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thanks for your exhaustive reply, I encourage you to vote the post on the vote button.
I hope Steinberg team can give us this new add in automation daily life. :wink:

Ya, I get caught by this every time. :slight_smile: Would be nice to have.

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Unfortunately I am completely out of votes, which is another big issue, we have not enough of them…
Would be nice if you could contribute here: More votes for Voting System, please

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There’s no handle whatsoever, whether we use the Object or Range Selection tool.
I believe this is another “feature that hasn’t been developed yet”.
Nevertheless, this is a real issue, as it’s extremely tiresome having to first select the nodes then reaching for the Info Line or garbing them by clicking a single node.

Additionaly, when we use the Object Selection tool, only the Stretch control on the bottom is available (n°9 on the Automation Event Editor page). So why is the rest missing ?

It’s like the missing scrolling functions for the Editor Inspector. It’s literally available everywhere in the DAW, except in very specific parts, and what’s even more concerning is that there’s no reason for this, it’s like the devs suddenly stopped working on that and started something else.

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Exactly. There are lot of examples for that.

Unfortuantely they are often not seen as “issues” by the mods, so they basically tell you to open a feature request and let you vote for them. And as the voting system really is not thought through, as there are far to few votes available per person (which is again the case here), all these little inconsistencies, which make you lose a lot of time on the long run, won’t get the attention they need.

People use their precious votes for new features (like the name “feature request” suggests), not for of already existing half baked ones.

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