slow zooming scrolling GUI when having a lot of audio slices (e.g. edited drums)

Does anybody else notice the slow, laggy gui when i.e. editing (quantizing) real drums hit by hit?
The more slices there are visible in the project window the slower it gets.
Especially scrolling and zooming seems really sluggish to me. If I hide the drums in a folder or just scroll down to where they aren’t visible anymore it gets smoother again.
Seems like Cubase can hardly handle that many tracks/slices displayed at once?

It does not seem to be dependent on plugin count, or even project track count, only amount of audio slices.
Its weird a PC like mine could run 4k resolution 3D games on best settings, but begins to lag when having lots of 2D audio events.
Also it does not change with or without graphic card. GPU usage is always near 0% (windows task manager).
Anybody knows how other DAWs perform when having lots of audio slices?

When I am editing drums I have 16 tracks in a folder with group edit enabled and do quantize the drums, or edit them by hand.
When quantizing, every drum hit gets edited, so you end up with approx 1200 cuts per 4min drum performance. Thats 1200*16= 19200 audio slices.
Yes I know thats a lot, but when dealing with real quantized drums you will have that many slices.
It gets worse when recording multiple songs in one project.

Running Cubase 10.5 on a

  • Windows 10 (always up to date)
  • i-8700k (overclocked to 4,5ghz, all powersaving modes off)
  • 16gb RAM
  • MSI GeForce GT 1030
  • separate SSDs for OS/project/sample libraries
    But also had the same problem on a much slower notebook before (hoped the problem would be gone when using a much more powerful CPU).

same here!
This is an old issue, and it became a nightmare at version 8.0 (or 8.5) the one we have now. A while ago we had big discussion about Cubase 9.
Now, the situation seems a little bit better compared to v8-9.5 But still in Stone Age.
Many of us hope they fix this big issue

Found these threads here which discuss the same topic, so it IS a thing:

Here is a video where you can see how it looks like, even if its Cubase 8. Same issue: cubasezoomtest - Sendvid

This issue seems to persist since the beginning of Cubase…

can’t remeber exactly, but in 3-7 i can’t see problems like that.

Anyway, i really enjoy Cubase and all what they do in C10.
For me C10 insanelly good!
But, this GUI lags…

Same! Found similar topics in Logic and Studio One forums. I wonder how Reaper manages this though, as I couldnt find any topic related to this issue.

Check how smooth & fast FL Studio, and imagine if Cubase GUI get same smooth & responsiveness :smiling_imp:

A friend of mine just bought FL Studio short time ago. I indeed have never seen such a smoothness before. I am talking about how the cursor reacts on playback and how fluid everything seems. But then again, I don’t know anybody who packs 100s of tracks in FL-Studio and does some multitrack drum editing. Would be interesting how FL studio would handle that.
Other than that you are absolutely right!

I can absolutely confirm this. This has been the case since at least the big GUI-overhaul in Cubase 8.

It’s worst right after opening a project with many individual clips (worst with Audio-clips due to their intricate graphical detail). After zooming in and out a bit it gets better (as Cubase loads the various zoom-levels into cache, it seems) but when going to another part in the project it’s just as slow initially.

Same goes for moving tracks in big projects. Say, move Track #1 to Track #200 via drag-and-drop. In projects with many different midi/audio parts, the framerate drops massively while scrolling down the project.

Somehow I have the strong feeling without a complete re-write of Cubase’s graphic engine this problem won’t be solved anytime soon. Still, just an educated guess… here’s hoping.

I’m noticing this also in Cubase 10. However, when I change the rule to “Timecode” instead of “Bars and Beats” the zooming/scrolling seems to improve. Anyone else notice this?

EDIT: short video showing the difference - cubase - Sendvid

I got similar issue. When I’m using Group Editing option with 9 audio tracks, every operation like slicing, moving, rolling is taking over 2-3 sec every time. Because of that 1h editing work is taking 4h. I’ve been using Cubase since 2005 and recently I’ve upgraded Cubase 11 pro to 12 pro and the issue exist still. I thought the issue was on my laptop side (Intel i5 11th gen) so I bought Macbook 16 Pro M2 and nothing has changed. I’m really considering switching to Logic Pro at this point…

Let me tell you, that it is not any better in other DAWs.
I tried Reaper some time ago and it was even worse.

Until this is fixed, I have a few suggestions:

  • Edit your drums in a separate project
  • Use the version feature, so after you edited one drum performance, hit on “duplicate version”, and bounce it. So you always have access to both versions.
  • Hide as much slices as possible in folders (even if that is not so effective)