On my system, PC Win 7 Pro C6, there is a bug that when you open a folder containing a bunch of audio tracks or whatever, it moves the screen down so that the bottom of very last track in that folder is the top of your sequencer/track window.

In C5, you open a folder and it drops open and you see the enclosed tracks no problem. This bug is a pain when editing because you’ll dive into a folder and then have to scroll way back up to see what’s in that folder.

terrible time waster that’s really not making me happy I updated. Please fix. Thanks


Did you submit this to the Bugbase?: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3400

Well, there’s already this topic

And this

Though I’ll agree, another bug report submitted won’t hurt. But those two threads above I think covers it… :wink:

In essence, two things:-

  1. Check your preference settings (see the thread)
  2. Click on the folder track first to highlight it (ie select it), before expanding it by clicking the icon. It sort of helps.

There is more that SB could and should do, to improve/fix this behaviour. Not everybody works the same/has the same prefs set.

Make that three threads!

In the following one, one of the Devs says he would fix it, but the fix wasn’t included in 6.0.1 or 6.0.2 :confused:


Understood FD - but lets keep this on an even keel and not let any misreading of what was actually said, skew anyones judgement here…

  1. Helge is not a developer (his sig says he’s product marketing manager)
  2. And even though you directly quoted him, you seem to not read the actual words used; he said they will have a look at it. Where is this word ‘fix’ you use, as if it were a fact directly from Helge…? BTW, I’ll happily take a load of egg on my face if you now produce the quote from him stating a fix is forthcoming/promised.

You got to agree, ‘fixing it’ and ‘taking a look at it’ are quite different statements. :slight_smile:

I think it’s Windows behaviour. Try “Classic Shell” - it works for me. :sunglasses:

“Skew anyone’s judgement”? What the F*** are you talking about? Have you actually READ the thread I posted a link to ? Obviously not. :unamused:

What else could “I understand - we’ll take a look at it” possibly mean, when coming from a SB employee? :question:
I sent him Herge a PM about it the other week, but no reply :confused:

This is a definite bug. For reasons why, read my posts and discussion with Helge in the other thread, cos I’m not going to repeat it (yet again) here for you.

Hint: It has nothing to do with the prefs that link mixer and arrange window.

Calm down dear (I mean FunkyDrummer)

I think it’s Windows behaviour. Try “Classic Shell” - it works for me. > :sunglasses:

File handling in Windows 7 is a source of extreme irritation. I repeat my advice - download “Classic Shell”.

steady on pal - no ‘effing’ and blindin’ here at me thanks.

I’m talking about YOU skewing judgement (on someones character) by having people believe Helge made a promise (‘we’ll fix it’) that he’s now somehow not keeping to. He never made any such statement/promise…!

Well, how about just reading the words as they are written, and them meaning EXACTLY what they say, in the sentence they construct…?!?

Hi Funky

You might know there was considerable work done with the track list (home/end keys etc) so this particular issue is likely on the agenda, hence Helges’ remarks.


yep… this needs fixing ASAP.

Hi Puma

I believe we have this comms problem in the lounge also, maybe it is a lesson to not look for alternative meanings but rather work together towards unifying outcomes instead of pitting user needs against one another in the endless quest for improvement.

Confirmed 28859


Glad to see this has finally been acknowledged!

Puma, Consider this scenario:

Your car has a fault. You take it to the garage and explain the problem.
An employee of the garage says “I understand - we’ll take a look at it”.
You go back next week and the car is not fixed. You complain to the mechanic. He says “Aaah we never actually said we’d ‘fix’ the car, we only said we’d ‘take a look at it’, so that’s exactly what we did. We sat down with some tea and biscuits and looked and looked and looked at the car through the window of the office. You really should have taken our words exactly as we said them”

Doesn’t that seem completely and utterly ridiculous to you, to interpret it literally like that? No offence but is English your first language? Maybe it loses something in translation (?)


It’s the attitude Puma old bean. You just don’t get it. To get at the company and grief properly you must read everything they say as something that can be misconstrued to foment one’s internal anger machine into a frenzy. :mrgreen: And the other 8800 forum members better not interfere with MY angrying.

Well, good for the thread it’s now got a number. So that’s what they did? They took a look at it.
“Take a look…” isn’t quite the same as “I’ll get the team out and work for three months on your imagination.”

Geez. You ever been to a garage? Actually?! They say they’ll take a look at it. OK, so far? Then they’ll ring you up and say what it might be, what it entails and what it costs. They do not do the job without “Say - so”. And no Mr fixit in the world actually says “We’ll fix it.” about anything. They ALWAYS say the’ll “take a look” because they don’t know if it’s fixable until they do (take a look). [brackets are for the “slow” readers]
In this case “we’ll take a look” is used very often here as “We’ll see if it’s our problem or yours… Then we’ll tell you if it’s ours and that we’re trying to fix it”.
Some people never learned their first language in the first place. :mrgreen: It’s more than just the voices in your head are saying (usually a variation on “Niggle, niggle, niggle”).