Unannounced and smaller new features in Cubase 11

Like most new releases of Cubase, additional features appear that are not noted in the official announcement and marketing materials. This thread is meant to collect these (including things in the nebulous “UI Improvement” category) and share as folks run into these new features.

Here are 2 cool ones I found

  1. User defined Scales
    If you go to add a Scale on the Chord Track there is a new item at the end of the drop-down list “Setup Musical Scales…” which leads to a magic land where we can turn our scale fantasies into reality. Sadly this does not seem to have a corresponding capability for Chords.

  2. Presets for Lane displays in the Key Editor
    Now we can have presets for different combos of lanes. E.G. just show Articulations & Velocity, or display Velocity, Pitchbend and a couple of cc controllers.

someone posted about their being cohesive operation between Chords and new Melodyne

One that Greg Ondo mentioned in a video but Isn’t anywhere else - there’s a new right click menu option on each track that allows the user to stop the track version appearing in the track name. Thank goodness - I always hated the version name appearing!

  • in preferences new tool to make Reports or monitor problem scenario
  • new buttons & performance monitor/Audio Devices/Studio Setup gui :smiley:
  • Pictrues in hub :smiley:

The UP button in the compressor. I made a post here


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In media bay new tags under sub style and sub category. I love this!

Unlike my comment this is actually a helpful thread.

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This really does deserve more fanfare and hopefully Steinberg will continue to improve interoperability with Melodyne.

Too bad the ticket do this with polyphonic audio is almost as expensive as Cubase itself - but then again, there must have been enormous R&D which went into the Melodyne algorithms. Consider that Variaudio is still monophonic only.

Able to easily resize shorter notes in the key editor without having to zoom in on them.

Apparently, smooth scrolling now on macOS. I haven’t upgraded but there is a thread discussing this.

I haven’t updated yet, but wondering if anyone’s seen any improvements with creating automation lanes? In 10.5 you can show lanes by right clicking the parameter and selecting it from the context menu, but it doesn’t work for all plugins so you then have to either write automation or select it from the track, both of which are pretty slow. Has this been improved at all?

wow, now we can Pin needed Tabs!

Setting Spacers between Events

You can rearrange multiple events on a track so that they are at a specified distance from each other.

Set the Spacer in Seconds value.

Width of the performance meter in the Transport toolbar, Project window toolbar and Mixer toolbar can be adjusted.

Small thing, but useful if you need more space on the toolbar or more measuring detail from the meter.

one feature they never mentioned was loss of support for many many control surfaces which have been suppported for years but now for some reason theyve decided nahh forget it…come on steinberg put those missing surgaces back in or atleast tell us how to get houston…etc back so we can use them in cubase 11.

Could it be that you just need to move the controllers .DLL file over from …\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase[old version]\Components to …\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 11\Components

I have to do that for my Alphatrack, or it doesn’t show up in the Cubase menus.

1- That isn’t new
2- It still doesn’t work properly.

After years of reporting that it doesn´t work with instrument tracks I am giving up on them fixing it

When my Xtouch HUI gets weird or unresponsive ( what do you expect from Behringer ! ) you have to power cycle it. In 11 you can do this live and it Cu reconnects with it and just works. You do have to tab the fader bank to update them, but overall it works. Far better than 10.5 and lower which required power cycle the X touch and restart Cu to get it to work again. very nice fix and glad they heard my BR on this and fixed it.