Unknown interapplication HSSE occurs (Solved!)

I get this message when I open Dorico4.
I have dowloaded and installed all files in the download manager, restarted my comp. and opens the Dorico4, move the message, and then I get the Hub, and a new message pops up saying , “This project references a PlaybackTemplate playbacktemplate.hsse that is not installed on tyhis system”. When I close the message-window, I was able to open old project with out any problem, but the messages persist and wount go away. ??

I’m on Win10, and Dorico Element4

Have you installed HALion Sonic SE 3.5.0 as well as Dorico Elements 4?

Yes I have!

Can you run Steinberg Library Manager and attach a screenshot of how it looks?

If you open the Play > Playback Templates dialog in Play mode, what is listed there?

and my message windows are:


This last one disaapeared when I ticked “Do not show again”

Btw: HSSE is ok in Cubase elements 11!


The above mentioned behaviour is on a Laptop comp, so
I have now installed the Dorico4 Pro version on my studio comp, and exactly the same behaviour occur! Strange?

I have a feeling that the error message you are seeing on start-up is related to a shared Steinberg component installed by another application that is not compatible with Dorico 4 and the new licensing system. I don’t know where the location for these shared components is on Windows, but perhaps have a look in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg and see if there are any shared components for things like EUCON or Groove Agent SE in there that you could temporarily move out of the way.

I have this on my studio comp.

And this on my Laptop:

Is it safe to move any of this? I’m on thin ice here!

In both cases I would try removing the EUCon dll (or at least moving it elsewhere), and you may also find that you need to do the same for the Groove Agent SE directory on your studio computer.

And vstransit is also a candidate. Some really old versions of it also sometimes made trouble in the past.
So try those 3 first and let us know, then we guide you further through.

Ok! :smile:
So I moved the "euconadapter65.dll"files to the desktop on my computers (Both laptop and desktopstudio), and it seems to solve the problem. :smiley:
Can I delete these files without causing other problems? I don’t know what their purpose is.

Yes, provided you don’t use an external hardware mixer/control surface that uses EUCON, you will never miss them.

Thank you Daniel, Ulf and Richard for the help! Much appreciated !

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